[Cuba is vigorously developing mountain solar energy] Cuba's Granma newspaper reported on April 1 that the Cuban government allocated millions of dollars to install photovoltaic solar cells for about 320 communities and 8,000 independent families in the rugged Santiago region, and the implementation of the project is of great significance to tens of thousands of people living and working in the most remote areas of ancient China. Lila, investment director of the Cuban Santiago Power Company, said that the photovoltaic module installed in the home is 300 watts, which can be used at the same time for 32-inch TVS and 5 LED lights, although it cannot meet the entire electricity demand of the family, but it can provide lighting at night, and users can enjoy the service by paying 10 pesos per month. He stressed that there are about 1,963 houses in the area with solar panels, and 40 percent of the equipment is faulty, mainly due to battery failure. At present, 420 solar photovoltaic panel modules and batteries worth $6 million from China are being shipped to Cuba and can be replaced immediately upon arrival. The power company is also working on a joint project with the University of Santo Spiritus, with plans to install 2.2-kilowatt modules, including batteries, accumulators and inverters, with an expected service life of 25 years, which will allow the connection of TVS, refrigerators, washing machines and kitchens, with each module priced between $1,900 and $2,400 in the international market, but will still maintain a price of 10 pesos per month.
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  • 2024.05.29 09:00
  • [New move in Indonesia: First auction of 5 oil and gas blocks]
  • On May 27, 2024, Indonesia launched five onshore and offshore oil and gas blocks for bid in the first tender exercise of 2024 in an effort to reverse the year-over-year decline in oil and gas production. Indonesia was once a net exporter of oil, but its hydrocarbon production has declined in recent years due to the depletion of natural resources and a lack of new exploration projects. According to the US International Trade Agency, Indonesia's oil production continues to decline at an average annual rate of 11%. In order to secure energy supplies and meet domestic demand, Indonesia is tapping into its underexploited oil and gas resources. At present, Indonesia has 128 basins rich in oil and gas, of which 68 basins are yet to be explored. Indonesia is now focusing on exploring new oil and gas areas to find new ways to grow production.Editor/Zhang Liyuan
  • 2024.05.29 09:00
  • [South Africa adds 788MW of power projects in Q1 2024!]
  • According to the latest information from the South African Engineering News website on May 24, the recent report released by the South African National Energy Regulator (Nersa) reveals the significant growth of the country's power sector. In the first quarter of 2024, 105 new power generation facilities were registered in South Africa, with a total capacity of 788MW, accompanied by an investment of R18.4 billion. Among these new facilities, solar photovoltaic facilities occupy a prominent position, a total of 99, generating capacity of 499MW, investment reached 9.9 billion rand. Nersa said that since the system was launched in 2018, 1,415 power generation facilities have been registered in South Africa with a total generating capacity of 7,158MW and a total investment of more than R131 billion. It is worth noting that as the South African government gradually relaxed regulatory restrictions on private generation, the country experienced significant growth in the registration of power generation facilities in 2022 and 2023. Particularly in the first quarter of 2023, registrations soared to more than 2,400MW, marking a new period of prosperity for the South African power sector.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

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