18:08 2024.07.19

Heilongjiang Huma County 100MW wind power project is about to be completed

The first wind power project in Daxing'anling area, the first wind turbine of Huma County 100MW wind power project, was successfully hoisted, marking a solid step for China's northernmost wind power project towards the goal of full-capacity grid-connected power generation. The Huma County 100MW wind power project is located in the south of Huma Town. The total investment of the Huma County 100MW wind power project is 760 million yuan. It is planned to build 20 wind turbines with a single capacity of 5MW and a 220kV booster station. The annual power generation of a single wind turbine can reach 11.5 million kWh. In the early stage of the project, approval procedures and supporting facilities once became the most worrying issues for enterprises. However, the trouble did not last long. Huma County has dispatched the project construction situation on site many times, set up a special project work team, implemented the whole process package, closely tracked and coordinated every link of the project construction, and gained precious time to speed up the project construction.Editor/Zhao E

18:04 2024.07.19

Zhejiang Ningbo 4.7 billion yuan highway project starts bidding

On July 17, 2024, the Ningbo Public Resources Trading Electronic Service System issued a construction bidding announcement for the widening project of the S312 Beilun to Shengzhou Highway from Yinzhou Boundary to Xiachen Section in Fenghua District (Coastal Central Line Fenghua Section). The total length of this project route is about 35.84 kilometers, of which the reconstruction length is about 30.29 kilometers, and the rest uses existing roads, including the Wufengshan Tunnel Section and the Binhai New District Section. There are 4 large bridges and 24 small and medium bridges. The temporary land is about 150 acres. The function is positioned as a major distribution highway, and it is designed according to the first-class highway standard, taking into account the urban road function within the urban development boundary. The total estimated investment of the project is about 4.75 billion yuan. Editor/Zhao E

08:46 2024.07.19

Heilongjiang Qitaihe Wanlitai wind power project started

On July 16, 2024, the construction of the Wanlitai Wind Power Project in Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province officially kicked off. The project, with an investment of approximately RMB 1.4 billion, aims to build a 200MW wind power station with an estimated annual power generation of 600 million kWh, which will not only add green power to the regional energy structure, but will also continue to promote employment growth during its construction and operation period.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

08:45 2024.07.19

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station has accumulated 1 trillion Kwh of power!

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station is a pioneer in China's nuclear power industry, marking the birth of China's first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant. Since the grand opening ceremony of the full-scale operation was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on July 18, 1994, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station has been operating steadily and safely for 30 years. During this period, the amount of electricity it has transmitted to the power grid has approached the 1 trillion kWh mark, becoming an indispensable power supply pillar for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

17:49 2024.07.18

Shengsi 400,000-kilowatt offshore wind power project signed

Recently, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. and China Electric Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the purchase of wind turbines (including towers) for Shengsi No. 3 and No. 4 offshore wind power projects, marking the further deepening of the strategic cooperation relationship between the two parties in the field of new energy. After the project is completed, it will provide Shengsi with a new solution for energy transformation and development, and promote the development and utilization of renewable energy in Shengsi.Editor/Zhao E

16:01 2024.07.18

Gezhouba Power won the bid for the Laos Khammounse Bangphi photovoltaic project

China Energy Construction Gezhouba Power Company successfully won the bid for the first phase of the Khammounse Bangphi photovoltaic project in Khammoun Province, Laos. The project is located in the resource-rich Zhongnong Potash Fertilizer and Kaiyuan Potash Fertilizer mining area. Relying on the unique light conditions, the planned installed capacity is 50 MW, and a 115 kV booster station and a 10 MW/10 MWh energy storage system are built. The annual average power generation is expected to reach 95.46 MWh, fully meeting the power demand of the mining area. The implementation of the project is not only a key measure for the Lao government to promote the green transformation of the energy structure, but will also effectively alleviate the local power supply pressure and inject strong impetus into the sustainable development of the regional economy. Editor/Cheng Liting

15:07 2024.07.18

Debugging of Twin Towers and One Unit Solar Thermal Energy Storage Power Station

Recently, Guazhou County in Jiuquan City, Gansu Province, has made significant progress in the field of energy technology - the world's first innovative "twin tower one machine" solar thermal energy storage power station. Its core project has officially entered the commissioning stage and is expected to achieve grid connected power generation by the end of 2024. As the core highlight of the 700000 kilowatt "solar thermal energy storage+" comprehensive project built by Three Gorges Hengji Energy in Guazhou, its uniqueness lies in the revolutionary dual tower and dual mirror field architecture design. Compared with traditional single tower and single unit solar thermal energy storage systems, this innovative design significantly enhances the efficiency of the absorption tower in capturing and converting solar energy. It is estimated that under the same conditions, its optical efficiency can be improved by about 24%, directly promoting a leap in power generation efficiency. In addition, the power station also integrates an advanced 6-hour molten salt thermal storage system, which not only has ultra long thermal storage capacity to ensure stable power supply even in low sunlight conditions, but also responds quickly, with stable and reliable output power, greatly optimizing the peak shaving ability of the power grid and demonstrating more outstanding energy management performance. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

11:59 2024.07.18

China Europe freight trains ensure smooth international supply chain

On the morning of July 10, 2024, at 11:46 am, it marked the smooth departure of the X8017 train of the China Europe freight train (Wuhan to Duisburg) from Wujiashan Station. This moment also means that the total number of China Europe freight trains this year has exceeded 10000 trains 19 days ahead of schedule, and the cumulative amount of cargo containers transported has reached 1.083 million TEUs, a significant increase of 11% compared to 2023, demonstrating a strong development trend of both quantity and quality. The head of the Freight Department of China Railway Group Corporation Limited pointed out that China Railway Group is accelerating the construction of an efficient transportation network for the China Europe freight train, providing solid support for stabilizing the international industrial chain and supply chain security. This not only promotes the smooth economic cycle at home and abroad, but also greatly promotes the economic and social development of regions and countries along the line, adding new vitality and impetus to the high-quality the Belt and Road Initiative and the economic and trade exchanges between China and Europe. In terms of improving channel capacity, China Railway Group actively promotes the expansion and upgrading of domestic railway port stations, including Alashankou, and shipping stations such as Tianjin Xingang. At the same time, it accelerates the completion of key sections of the Binsui Railway from Suifenhe to the border line, significantly enhancing the transportation carrying capacity and port replacement efficiency of the China Europe freight train. In the first half of the year, the number of China Europe trains on the three main transport routes of the west line (via Alashankou and Khorgos), the middle line (via Erenhot) and the east line (via Manzhouli, Suifenhe and Tongjiang) increased by 13%, 20% and 5% respectively. In addition, in terms of optimizing transportation organization, railway departments in various regions closely focus on market demand and flexibly adjust the operation routes and schedules of China Europe freight trains. Currently, there are 91 fixed China Europe freight train lines with a designed speed of 120 kilometers per hour in China, covering 61 cities. By optimizing the workflow, strengthening equipment and personnel configuration, the China Europe freight train enjoys priority in transportation, loading, and hanging, and is monitored throughout the entire process to ensure safe, stable, and efficient operation. At the same time, major railway ports and stations closely cooperate with the China Europe freight train, work together with customs, border inspection and other departments, and actively promote the railway fast clearance mode by utilizing the advanced functions of the 95306 digital port system, greatly improving the overall clearance efficiency and convenience of the China Europe freight tra

11:22 2024.07.18

Henan 200,000 tons of light calcium and 50,000 tons of nano calcium projects started

Recently, Lushi County, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province successfully held the 13th "three batches" project concentrated start-up activities, marking the official launch of five key projects including the Lushi County calcium-based new materials industry construction project. Among them, the Lushi County calcium-based new materials project was built by Zhongshi Keke (Henan) Calcium-based New Materials Co., Ltd. with an investment of 300 million yuan. Relying on the profound heritage and advanced technology of its parent company, Zhongshi Keke (Beijing) Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the national limestone industry, the project aims to build a comprehensive production base integrating multiple production lines such as high-activity calcium oxide, nano calcium oxide, nano calcium hydroxide, light and nano calcium carbonate, and supporting and improving production auxiliary and living facilities. With its rich experience and technical advantages in the field of calcium-based new materials, Zhongshi Keke Group has successfully deployed similar projects in many places across the country. This landing in Lushi County will further promote local industrial upgrading and economic development. Anhui Qinglong Calcium Industry, as an important shareholder of Zhongshi Keke Beijing Company, also demonstrates the project's financial strength and industry influence with its 50% shareholding. Editor/Cheng Liting

09:32 2024.07.18

Kazakhstan expects natural gas production to grow by 2.3% in 2024

On July 16, 2024, Alma Saddam Satkaliyev, Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, revealed that the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan is committed to increasing natural gas production in 2024 to a new height of 60.5 billion cubic meters, in line with 2023 Production will achieve a solid growth of 2.3% year-on-year. Satkaliyev emphasized that significant and steady progress has been made in the field of natural gas production in recent years. In the first half of 2024 alone, the country has successfully extracted 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas, fully demonstrating the strong momentum of its energy industry. He pointed out that in order to achieve the annual production increase target, the driving force for growth will mainly come from large oil and gas fields such as Karachaganak, Tengiz and Kashagan. These resource-rich areas will become the key force to promote the continued rise of Kazakhstan's natural gas production.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

09:31 2024.07.18

Shenzhen has built 441 supercharging stations and is building 94 more

On July 5, 2024, Shenzhen's charging infrastructure construction has made significant progress, with a total of 441 super charging stations built, and another 94 super charging stations are under intensive construction. In May 2024, Shenzhen took the lead nationwide in implementing a city-wide coordinated vehicle network interactive demonstration project. The project integrated multiple application models, covered multiple usage scenarios, and attracted the active participation of multiple market entities. This practice is not only a preliminary exploration and verification of the potential of new energy vehicles as mobile electrochemical energy storage units, but also an important step taken by Shenzhen in promoting the integrated development of the new energy vehicle industry and the energy Internet.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

16:58 2024.07.17

Weifang Hydrogen Production and Hydrogenation Integrated Station Pilot Project Starts

On July 16, 2024, Huadian Shandong Weifang officially launched a pilot project of an integrated hydrogen production and refueling station in the High-tech Zone. The project has a planned total system capacity of 105MW and will be constructed in two phases. This move marks that the project has entered a new stage of construction, aiming to alleviate the tight supply and demand of hydrogen in Weifang, and is designed to provide a stable hydrogen source for Weichai Power's hydrogen fuel cell research and development, hydrogenation station operations and hydrogen fuel buses. The project is expected to significantly reduce hydrogen transportation and storage costs, accelerate the vigorous development of Weifang's hydrogen energy industry, and inject strong impetus into the strategic goal of building a hydrogen energy city. Editor/Cheng Liting

16:57 2024.07.17

The main project of Xudabao Nuclear Power Unit 2 starts

The Xudabao Nuclear Power Project held by China National Nuclear Power Investment Corporation, a subsidiary of CNNC, has ushered in an important milestone. Unit 2 successfully poured the first container of concrete for the nuclear island reactor on the 17th, marking the official launch of the main project. The project has officially entered the dual-machine, four-machine phase. A new stage of comprehensive construction of the unit. As a key clean energy project during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in Liaoning Province, Xudabao Nuclear Power plans 6 million-kilowatt nuclear power units with a huge total investment, aiming to help Huludao City build a clean energy industry cluster. At present, the project is progressing rapidly. Unit 1 has started construction, and units 3 and 4 have entered the equipment installation stage. They are all progressing efficiently as planned and are expected to be put into operation as early as 2027. After the four units are fully put into operation, they will significantly optimize the energy structure of Liaoning Province, enhance energy security, provide strong impetus for economic and social development and green and low-carbon transformation, while promoting effective investment, driving industrial development, accelerating the comprehensive revitalization of the region, and laying the foundation for building a New energy systems contribute. Editor/Cheng Liting

11:05 2024.07.17

Entering the Smart Terminal of Shenzhen Western Port Area, Low Carbon and Efficient

Shenzhen Mawan Smart Port, as the first 5G green and low-carbon smart port in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, has completed its transformation from a traditional port to a smart port. Its intelligent transformation integrates 9 smart elements such as the CMB operating system, significantly enhancing the comprehensive service capabilities of the port, and achieving a breakthrough in the independent port system from "0" to "1", successfully applied to multiple ports at home and abroad. In the port, 5G base stations cover the entire territory, and autonomous driving trucks and remotely controlled shore bridge drivers work together, greatly improving operational efficiency and safety, reducing manpower and carbon emissions. China Merchants Port supports the construction of green ports through energy-saving, carbon reduction, and pollution reduction measures, such as providing shore power services and promoting new energy trailers. Among them, the new energy trailer swapping station in Chiwan Port has the largest scale in the country, effectively promoting low-carbon transportation. Shenzhen Port is actively exploring the circulation and sharing of regional elements, and the launch of the same ship transportation business for foreign trade container goods in Dachan Bay Port has improved the utilization rate of cargo space, reduced logistics costs, and further expanded the import and export routes of goods. China Merchants Port Group continues to explore and innovate, achieving significant growth in container and bulk cargo throughput last year, and taking its business scale to a new level. The overall performance of Shenzhen Port is strong, with continuous growth in import and export container throughput, especially in the western port area, demonstrating strong growth momentum. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

11:01 2024.07.17

The largest water solar complementary photovoltaic project in Sichuan Province

On July 17, 2024, the 3.5 million kilowatt water solar complementary photovoltaic project of the national water solar integrated demonstration base in the Sichuan Tibet section of the upper reaches of the Jinsha River was registered, making it the largest new energy project in Sichuan to date. The project covers three counties of Baiyu, Dege, and Batang, and is developed in a complementary mode of animal husbandry and solar energy. The annual power generation is expected to reach 6.5 billion kilowatt hours and construction is scheduled to begin within the year. The project relies on the cascade hydropower of the Sichuan Tibet section to achieve complementary water solar transmission, and is a key clean energy project in the 14th Five Year Plan. Huadian Jinsha River Upstream Company adheres to the principle of "two coordination" to promote base development and consumption and transmission. The current installed capacity of hydropower exceeds 7 million kilowatts. The company is working with a team of academicians to study the complementary scheduling of water and light, promote the large-scale development of new energy in the basin, build a new energy system, and assist in local rural revitalization. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

09:28 2024.07.17

China accelerates construction of new energy pipeline system

Western Pipeline Company is leading a new journey of energy transportation. Its multi-media pipeline safety transportation key laboratory established in Xinjiang is conducting pipeline transportation tests of cutting-edge energy materials such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, liquid ammonia and methanol in full swing, aiming to inject more green kinetic energy into the future energy market and provide customized methanol and coal-to-gas transportation solutions for partners such as Xinjiang Qiya New Materials and Xinjiang Tianye. With the in-depth implementation of the dual-carbon strategy, environmentally friendly energy projects such as hydrogen energy, green methanol, green ammonia and CCUS have attracted much attention. Enterprises have seized the opportunity and laid out emerging fields, which has given rise to an urgent need for new energy transportation services beyond traditional oil and gas pipelines. With its profound foundation and technological innovation in the field of energy transportation, Western Pipeline has not only consolidated the status of oil and gas pipelines as a national energy artery, with a total mileage of over 180,000 kilometers, but also actively explored diversified energy transportation modes, committed to becoming a leader in new energy pipeline services, and contributing to the green transformation of China's energy structure.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

09:24 2024.07.17

The first batch of long-range hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks are officially launched!

On July 13, 2024, Yuancheng Automobile grandly launched the first batch of Xinghan G series hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks, marking an important breakthrough and deepening in the product matrix of Yuancheng new energy heavy-duty trucks. This launch not only demonstrates Yuancheng's innovative solutions in the field of hydrogen energy commercial vehicles, but also highlights its industry-leading R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Yuancheng Commercial Vehicle adheres to the development strategy of alcohol-hydrogen co-drive and electric as the core, closely follows market demand, and ingeniously creates a diversified new energy heavy-duty truck series. Among them, the Xinghan G series, as a leader in the field of new energy heavy-duty trucks, relies on the independently developed GXA-T digital intelligence architecture, integrates intelligent electric, alcohol-hydrogen electric and hydrogen fuel electric technologies, and comprehensively covers various new energy application scenarios, demonstrating Yuancheng's accurate grasp of market trends and strong product innovation capabilities.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

16:45 2024.07.16

Key projects in Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong Province started

On July 15, 2024, Weicheng District, Weifang City witnessed a new milestone in the construction of key projects-the automation equipment industrial park project of Shandong Yibaitong Machinery Co., Ltd. officially started. As another highlight of Weicheng District's efforts to promote industrial upgrading and support the growth of local high-tech enterprises, the project covers an area of ​​123 acres and has a total investment of 250 million yuan. It aims to achieve an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of high-end castings by building modern production, R&D and storage facilities and introducing cutting-edge technology and equipment. It is expected to increase output value by 400 million yuan, which has a significant demonstration effect on the upgrading of regional traditional industries and the high-quality development of the industrial economy. Since the beginning of this year, Weicheng District has actively responded to the call of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, focusing on industry and project competition, accelerating the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, and has achieved remarkable results. In the first five months, the growth rate of industrial added value above the designated size led the city, and fixed asset investment grew steadily. Many provincial-level specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises have been added, and it has won the title of China's foundry industry cluster pilot area. In the future, Weicheng District will unswervingly adhere to the concept of "project is king", optimize resource allocation, strengthen precise services and full-cycle management, and use project construction as an engine to accelerate the new momentum of high-quality development. Editor/Cheng Liting

16:45 2024.07.16

All coal-fired power low-carbonization projects will be started in 2025

The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the "Action Plan for the Construction of Low-carbon Coal-fired Power (2024-2027)", which aims to support qualified coal-fired power low-carbonization projects through ultra-long-term special government bonds and other funding channels, and clearly stated that by 2025, the first batch of projects will be started and low-carbon technologies will be applied to achieve a significant reduction in carbon emissions; by 2027, the technical route will be broadened, costs will be reduced, and carbon emissions will be halved again, approaching the level of natural gas power generation. At the same time, technical routes such as biomass blending, green ammonia blending, carbon capture, utilization and storage are proposed, and supporting funds, policies, power grid dispatching and technological innovation and other multi-faceted guarantee measures are provided to promote the clean and low-carbon transformation of the coal-fired power industry. Editor/Cheng Liting

11:57 2024.07.16

Xinjiang Moyu County 400MW wind power project started

On July 10, 2024, the groundbreaking ceremony for the first phase of the 400MW distributed wind power project in Moyu County, Xinjiang was held in the Moyu County Building Materials Industrial Park, marking the first "Thousands of Villages and Towns" 400MW distributed wind power project in southern Xinjiang. The total investment of the project is 2.4 billion yuan, and the planned total installed capacity is 400MW. The project is divided into three phases. The first phase has an installed capacity of 100MW and an investment of 600 million yuan; the second and third phases are planned to have installed capacities of 185MW and 115MW, respectively, with investments of 1.1 billion yuan and 700 million yuan, respectively. Editor/Zhao E

11:54 2024.07.16

Shandong 500,000-kilowatt photovoltaic sand control project started

On the morning of July 11, 2024, the groundbreaking ceremony of the 500,000-kilowatt centralized photovoltaic sand control project invested by Shandong Zhongji New Energy Development Co., Ltd. was held in Langru Township, Hotan County, marking a major breakthrough in Hotan County in the field of new energy, and a vivid practice of new quality productivity in desert control and green development. The project is expected to invest about 2.2 billion yuan, the investment in the sand control area project is about 75 million yuan, the total investment is about 2.275 billion yuan, the project covers an area of ​​16,015.12 acres, and the construction period is about 12 months. The start of construction of this project not only represents the cutting-edge technology and development direction of the current new energy field, but also a powerful manifestation of new quality productivity in solving environmental problems and promoting sustainable development. Editor/Zhao E

11:13 2024.07.16

The 'lighthouse factory' in the Yangtze River Delta reflects industrial vitality

At the Shanghai factory of a multinational corporation, the relocation of mouthwash products is quietly underway. After switching lines, a non-alcoholic cherry blossom peach flavored mouthwash quickly went offline and was ultimately proven to be more in line with the preferences of Chinese consumers. Behind this seemingly simple product line change, it reflects the efforts made by digital means to stimulate the vitality of the value chain, which is also one of the reasons why "Ke Xiang Shanghai" was selected as the "Lighthouse Factory". The so-called "lighthouse factory" is a factory selected by the Davos World Economic Forum in collaboration with management consulting firm McKinsey, and is defined as a demonstration of "digital manufacturing" and "globalization 4.0". It represents the highest level of intelligent manufacturing and digitization in the global manufacturing industry, and is also known as the "most advanced factory in the world". At present, a group of "lighthouse factories" are gathering in the Yangtze River Delta region, releasing vitality. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

11:05 2024.07.16

In the first half of the year, the national railway completed fixed assets

On July 16, 2024, the Chinese railway official announced that the national railway fixed assets investment in the first half of the year exceeded 337.3 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6% over the same period last year, which set a new historical record for the same period. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

11:01 2024.07.16

Serbia plans to develop civilian nuclear energy project

On July 10, 2024, the Serbian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, together with four other ministries and 20 entities including energy companies, research institutions and universities, signed a memorandum of understanding on nuclear energy cooperation and development. The Serbian government pointed out that the purpose of this agreement is to promote the establishment of a team of domestic and foreign experts to focus on the feasibility of conducting civil nuclear energy projects in Serbia. The expert team will be responsible for preparing a preliminary technical study report, conducting an in-depth comparative analysis of different existing technologies, explaining their respective advantages and disadvantages, and detailing the technical, economic and market parameters involved in building a nuclear power plant in Serbia. Although Serbia currently has no nuclear power plants, its comprehensive energy and climate plan and energy development strategy have prospectively considered the introduction of nuclear energy as an energy option after 2040.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

11:01 2024.07.16

China Energy Engineering Corporation announces Pakistan energy plan

China Energy Construction has been active in Pakistan. Its largest overseas hydropower station, the Sujjinari Hydropower Station, is about to be put into operation. The project has a total investment of US$1.96 billion and an installed capacity of 884MW. It is the largest greenfield hydropower investment project of Chinese companies abroad. At the same time, China Energy Construction announced that it will significantly increase its investment in Pakistan's hydropower, renewable energy and transmission system projects, and is working with the Pakistani government to promote the financing of another major hydropower project, the Azad Pattan Hydropower Project. At present, the total value of China Energy Construction's participation in projects in Pakistan has reached US$13 billion, and it is responsible for 6,000MW of energy projects under construction. This investment plan is another commitment of China Energy Construction to expand its business layout in Pakistan and support Pakistan's energy construction.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

08:43 2024.07.15

The first batch of mobile energy storage power stations went online

On the morning of July 11, 2024, the Hainan Railway's cross-sea train ushered in the nation's first feat, and the first batch of mobile energy storage power stations were officially put into use. This innovative measure provides an effective solution to the problem of high temperatures in the carriages caused by power outages during cross-sea ferry operations, and aims to significantly improve passenger comfort. The unique feature of the cross-sea train is that it can carry passengers across the Qiongzhou Strait and achieve a seamless connection between sea and land. Due to the length of the ferry deck, the entire train cannot be loaded directly onto the ship. When trains enter and leave the island, they need to go through a series of carefully designed disassembly and marshalling operations. The train will be split into four groups on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. After a complicated process of dismantling, pushing, pulling out, dismantling, and pushing again, the train will be placed on the train deck of the ferry one by one by the tractor locomotive. Once this process is complete, ferries carry the disassembled train segments across the Channel. After reaching the other side, these train sections are regrouped and restored into complete trains to continue their land journey. The introduction of the mobile energy storage power station is precisely to deal with the problem of power interruption that may occur during this special transportation process, ensuring that the train can still maintain a suitable temperature during the power outage on the ferry, creating a more comfortable and comfortable environment for passengers. travel environment.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

08:42 2024.07.15

The world's largest single floating wind power platform is officially launched

On July 12, 2024, the launch ceremony of Mingyang Tiancheng, the world's first giant floating wind power platform with a single unit capacity of 16.6MW, was held at the CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard. Guo Wenhai, Secretary of the Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee and Chairman of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, personally presided over the launch. The platform successfully completed the hoisting operation on July 3, 2024, and then went through a meticulous commissioning and preparation phase before it was finally unveiled to the world. According to professional assessments, once Mingyang Tiancheng is put into operation, its annual power generation is expected to reach 54 million kWh, which is enough to support the daily electricity needs of about 30,000 households consisting of three families for a whole year, demonstrating its important contribution and broad prospects in the field of renewable energy.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

14:58 2024.07.12

CICC Geological Plateau Exploration Project Officially Started

Recently, China National Gold Group Geology Co., Ltd. officially launched its key plateau exploration project, the metallogenic system research and prospecting prediction of the Tibet Jiama copper-gold mine cluster, and the geological exploration of the Bayi Pasture Copper Mine in Mozhugongka County, Tibet Autonomous Region, and officially entered the field implementation. stage. The project comprehensively uses advanced technologies such as geological mapping, altered mineral testing, geochemical surveying, and low-altitude aeromagnetic magnetism to accurately construct the geological structure and rock mass distribution framework of the work area, deeply analyze the morphology of deep ore bodies, and map detailed elements, Mineral and rock mass distribution maps scientifically summarize the geological conditions of mineralization and mineralization distribution rules, laying a solid foundation for the layout of subsequent exploration projects. Faced with the extreme environment of the Bayi Ranch mining area at an altitude of over 5,000 meters, the project team overcame numerous difficulties such as high temperatures, hypoxia, and poor transportation. They planned in advance and made careful preparations to ensure that materials and equipment were in place. They also used advanced means such as remote sensing to grasp the terrain information of the mining area in advance. , effectively ensuring the smooth development of field work. The company's senior management attaches great importance to this plateau exploration work. Executive Director and General Manager Yan Guolong went to the front line for investigation and guidance, encouraged the project team, proposed targeted solutions, and emphasized the importance of construction safety and green exploration. Huatailong Company responded positively and organized a special technical exchange meeting to further clarify the direction of follow-up work and jointly promote the efficient advancement of the project. Editor/Cheng Liting

14:58 2024.07.12

my country's largest natural uranium production capacity project starts construction

On July 12, 2024, the China Atomic Energy Agency announced that China National Nuclear Corporation's "National Uranium No. 1 Demonstration Project" officially started construction in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, marking a new era in China's natural uranium production capacity. As a key project of the 14th Five-Year Plan for the development of the nuclear industry, This project is not only the largest and highest-standard natural uranium production base in China, but also a model of green, economical, smart, and efficient development. It will significantly enhance China's natural uranium self-sufficiency, independent industrial innovation, and international competitiveness. With more than thirty years of innovative wisdom in in-situ uranium leaching, Guo Uranium No. 1 adopts the advanced CO2+O2 leaching method, which completely revolutionizes the traditional mining model, realizes in-situ processing of ore, closed cycle, quiet and automated production, and ensures zero emission of three wastes, Ecologically sound, carbon reduction is sustainable. At the same time, by integrating automation, remote control and big data analysis technology, the project will achieve remote intelligent control and precise mining, leading the natural uranium industry to move towards a greener and smarter future. Editor/Cheng Liting.

11:18 2024.07.12

New model of "departure confirmation" for customs clearance in the Greater Bay Area

Recently, after completing the import customs clearance procedures, a batch of polyethylene plastic pellets were shipped to Huangpu New Port in Guangzhou through the "departure confirmation" mode. After being released by Shekou Customs under Shenzhen Customs, the new mode of "departure confirmation" for customs clearance was first implemented in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area. In the "departure confirmation" mode of customs clearance, after the imported container arrives at the port of entry, there is no need to wait for cargo handling and booking. It can be declared to the customs and the clearance procedures for the customs clearance can be completed. After the enterprise confirms the domestic logistics information, the goods can be transported to the destination port in China. Compared to the traditional transit mode, the new mode can save 1-2 days of transit waiting time, effectively improve the efficiency of waterway logistics, and shorten the delivery time of goods. In order to enable more enterprises to enjoy policy dividends, Shenzhen Customs and Huangpu Customs have paired up ports and established an efficient collaborative supervision mechanism across directly affiliated customs to guide enterprises in standardized declaration and ensure that they quickly grasp the declaration methods. They have also developed process guarantee mechanisms such as customs declaration, release, secondary confirmation of domestic transportation vehicles, and abnormal cargo handling reset to assist in the rapid clearance of goods. Editor/Zhou Yingwen


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