17:10 2024.06.18

Indonesia welcomes Chinese solar photovoltaic companies to build factories

Recently, Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut said in a statement released, "We are seeking investment in the solar industry and some technical assistance to help us reduce pollution from coal-fired power plants and improve air quality." Indonesia plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2060, and the country currently relies on coal for power generation. Luhut said that Indonesia has rich solar energy resources, "That's why I encourage Chinese solar photovoltaic companies and product suppliers to build factories in Indonesia." Editor/Zhao E

08:49 2024.06.18

China Coal Science and Engineering Russia Development Co., LTD

On June 17, 2024, the opening ceremony of China Coal Science and Engineering Russia Development Co., Ltd. was held in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The company, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Coal Science and Technology International, was officially registered in Moscow at the end of December 2023. This important initiative is a positive response to the national Belt and Road Initiative, following the 1245 overall development strategy of the group company, and accelerating the pace of its internationalization strategy, but also marks the further advancement of the North-South strategy of Science and technology International. China Coal Science and Engineering Russia Development Co., Ltd. will become an important service platform for China Coal in Russia and the pan-Russian region, not only providing services and market information for the coal machinery market, but also relying on the advantages of China Coal in the coal industry chain, providing a full range of technical support, coal machinery equipment and safety equipment for the Russian mining industry.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

16:11 2024.06.17

UAE plans to invest $270 million to build its first hydrogen equipment plant

On June 17, 2024, UAE energy solutions company Broaden Energy signed a preliminary agreement with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development to invest 1 billion dirhams to open a hydrogen equipment manufacturing center in the region. This will be Abu Dhabi's first hydrogen equipment manufacturing complex, which will enhance the UAE's energy infrastructure after completion. The facility is expected to support the goals of Abu Dhabi's industrial strategy by promoting sustainable development and developing value chains.Editor/Zhao E

17:48 2024.06.13

Indonesia: By 2028, the installed capacity of rooftop PV will reach 5.7GW

Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) has set a quota for Indonesian state power company Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) to install more than 5.7GW of rooftop photovoltaic systems by 2028. This quota is allocated according to the capacity of Indonesia's power system. Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) has set a quota of 5746MW for the installation of rooftop PV systems between 2024 and 2028:901MW in 2024, 1004MW in 2025, 1065MW in 2026, 1183MW in 2027, and 1593MW in 2028. IESR, a think tank based in Jakarta, Indonesia, said that the current quota does not follow Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Regulation No. 2/2024 for cluster/subsystem allocation. The agency called on the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) to actively promote the "Rooftop PV Ministerial Regulations" and clearly allocate rooftop PV quotas and related mechanisms to consumers. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

17:48 2024.06.13

Powerchina signed a contract for Tina Hydropower project in Solomon Islands

On June 12, local time, PowerChina and the project owner officially signed the construction contract for the dam and tunnel section of the Tina hydropower Station project in Solomon Islands. The project is the company's first hydropower project in the Solomon Islands and marks an important breakthrough for the company's business in the South Pacific island nation. The Tina hydropower project is located in Malango District, Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands, about 15 km from the capital Honiara. The plant has a total installed capacity of 15 megawatts and an annual generating capacity of 78 million KWH. The main project includes the construction of a 71.3 meter high RCC dam, 3.3 km diversion tunnel and power plant. When completed, the project will be the largest hydropower plant in the Solomon Islands, meeting 68% of the electricity needs of the Solomon Islands Capital Region and benefiting more than 100,000 people. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

08:44 2024.06.13

Construction of the photovoltaic park in Holguin Province, Cuba begins

According to news on June 12, 2024, the photovoltaic park in Coruja Town No. 5, Holguin Province, officially started construction. As one of the first large-scale photovoltaic projects in Cuba, this park covers a vast area of ​​32 hectares. The park plans to install 42,000 solar panels, and it is expected that once it is fully operational, its power generation capacity will reach about 20MW. China's advanced technology will be introduced into the construction of the photovoltaic park in Coruja Town No. 5 in Cuba. This important project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. This move will bring new development momentum to Cuba's renewable energy sector and further promote its strategic goal of achieving green energy.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

17:41 2024.06.12

Australia spends $15 billion to accelerate green transformation

The Australian government recently announced that it will invest up to $15 billion to vigorously develop renewable energy and important mineral industries. This move indicates that the country has taken solid steps in transforming its energy structure and is committed to achieving a greener and more sustainable future. Australian Finance Minister Jim Chalmers said that the budget invests in the country's ambition to become a renewable energy superpower.Editor/Li Chunwen

14:21 2024.06.12

Saudi Arabia plans to increase oil production in the next three years

Recently, Saudi Energy Minister Abdul-Aziz bin Salman said during his participation in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum that Saudi Arabia will increase oil production and further increase the country's oil export capacity in the next three years. Saudi Arabia plans to restore oil production to 12 million barrels per day to 13 million barrels per day in 2027. Editor/Zhao E

11:37 2024.06.12

The Philippines launches its largest photovoltaic irrigation system

On June 11, 2024, Philippine President Marcos launched the largest photovoltaic irrigation system in the Philippines in Kirino, Isabella Province. It is reported that the project cost 65.7 million pesos and installed a total of 1056 solar panels, which can provide 740 kilowatts of power to two submersible pumps. Each pump can pump 13000 gallons of water per minute, irrigate 350 hectares of rice fields, and benefit 237 farmers. Marcos announced in February 2024 that the Philippines will promote photovoltaic irrigation projects nationwide. Currently, 152 projects are under construction, of which 118 are funded by the government. The Philippine Ministry of Agriculture has allocated 17 billion pesos for photovoltaic irrigation projects. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

09:19 2024.06.12

Tongwei Group launches its first large-scale terrestrial PV project in Africa

On June 6, 2024, Tunway and AMEA Power officially signed a cooperation agreement to jointly explore the renewable energy market in the Middle East and Africa. AMEA Power will invest in the construction of a 140MW large-scale ground-based photovoltaic power plant in South Africa, which will all use high-efficiency N-type photovoltaic modules supplied exclusively by Tongwei. This is Tongwei's first large-scale ground photovoltaic project in Africa, marking the deepening and expansion of cooperation between the two sides. The project has a total installed capacity of 140MW and is expected to be formally integrated into the power grid in 2025. It is expected that after the grid connection, the project will generate more than 325GWh of clean energy per year, enough to meet the electricity needs of about 25,000 local households in South Africa, making an important contribution to the clean energy industry in South Africa.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

09:52 2024.06.11

AMEA Power raises funds to launch 120MW solar project in South Africa

On June 8, 2024, AMEA Power LLC, a leading developer and operator of renewable energy based in Dubai, announced that its 120MW Doornhoek solar photovoltaic project in South Africa has successfully completed the financial preparation phase. AMEA Power, as the main investor in the project, successfully secured debt financing of up to $100 million from Standard Bank of South Africa. The Industrial Development Corporation has also provided $8 million in equity financing to local partners Ziyanda Energy and Dzimuzwo Energy. A consortium led by AMEA Power has won the bid in the sixth round of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme, marking the upcoming commissioning of the Dubai-based company's first operating asset in South Africa.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

09:52 2024.06.11

Gezhouba Group signed a contract to renovate Unit 6 of Inga I Hydropower Station

On June 9, 2024, it was learned that China Energy Construction Group Gezhouba Group and the Congolese National Electricity Company officially signed the contract for the renovation project of Unit 6 of the Inga I Hydropower Station. The project is located in the village of Inga in Congo Central Province, about 390 km from the capital Kinshasa. The main contents of the renovation project cover the key links such as inspection, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and performance test of Unit 6 of Inga I hydropower Station. Through this restoration and upgrading project, the operation efficiency of Unit 6 will be significantly improved, thereby enhancing the profitability of the power station and providing more powerful energy security for Congo's economic construction and sustainable development. The signing of this important contract marks another important breakthrough for China National Construction Gezhouba Group in the field of international hydropower project construction.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

18:03 2024.06.07

Kazakhstan's largest single capacity wind power project started

A few days ago, Kazakhstan's Helomtao 150 MW wind power project started, which is the first EPC general contract project in Kazakhstan to start construction by providing short-term special insurance financing. Located in the Hromta district of Aktobe Region, the project will install 24 wind turbines with a capacity of 6.25 MW W, the largest single capacity in Kazakhstan, and will create about 300 jobs during the construction phase. After the completion of the project, 18.89 GWH of clean electric energy will be delivered to the local power grid every year, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 520,000 tons per year, and can effectively supply the local industrial electricity demand, with good economic, environmental and social benefits. Kazakhstan is a key core country in the implementation of the "Going Global" strategy of the Chengdu Institute. Chengdu Institute acquired the country's water design Institute 10 years ago, and set up a branch in Central Asia in 2024 to further increase the localized development; The 100 MW wind power project of Zanatas, the largest wind farm in Central Asia built by EPC, has opened up new space for cooperation in the field of new energy between the two countries. The project team will actively promote the work of the project with professional and efficient services, ensure the smooth implementation of the project, better promote regional economic and social development, and jointly build the "Belt and Road" with high-quality actions. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

18:03 2024.06.07

Masdar will build wind and solar power plants in Azerbaijan

Masdar will build two solar power plants and a wind farm in Azerbaijan with a capacity of 1 gigawatt. Masdar signed a project agreement with Azerbaijan's state-owned oil company Socar on June 4. Masdar holds a 75 percent stake and Socar holds a 25 percent stake. The groundbreaking ceremony for the project was held at the opening ceremony of Baku Energy Week. Masdar already has 10 GW of renewable energy projects in Azerbaijan and has developed the 230 MW Garadag Solar Park, the largest operating solar power plant in the region. Last year, Masdar opened an office in Azerbaijan's capital Baku and pledged to step up support for the country's renewable energy program. Azerbaijan aims to generate 30 percent of its electricity from clean energy sources by 2030. Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, will host COP29 this November. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

15:08 2024.06.07

Manufacturing Industry: China's Economy is Stable and Powerful for Improvement

Since 2024, the Chinese economy has continued to rebound and show a positive trend, with steady growth and progress in structural adjustment. From a good start at the beginning of 2024 to an excellent performance report in the first quarter, China's high-quality economic development has been solidly promoted, with an increase in positive factors in economic operation and a continuous strengthening of development momentum, showing characteristics of rapid growth, structural optimization, and improved quality and efficiency. Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released the May China Purchasing Managers Index, which showed that the manufacturing purchasing managers index in May was 49.5%, a decrease of 0.9 percentage points from the previous month, indicating a slight correction in the index. From the perspective of sub indices, the production index for May was 50.8%, continuing to be above the critical point. The expected index for production and business activities was 54.3%, consistently maintaining a high operating level, indicating that manufacturing enterprises continue to expand their production and new driving forces continue to maintain growth momentum. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

14:22 2024.06.06

Tajikistan plans to build a 200MW solar photovoltaic plant

Ejing Optoelectronics plans to build a 200MW solar power plant in the Panj Free Economic Zone in Tajikistan's Khatlon province. The project will be divided into four phases, the first phase of the investment amount of 150 million US dollars, aiming to use 250 hectares of land to build solar power facilities. According to an announcement by Tajikistan's Ministry of Energy, the total investment of the entire project is expected to reach $1.5 billion. The plant will start in July 2024, and the first phase of construction is planned to be completed in March 2025. According to information released by the presidential press Service, the plant is expected to have a production capacity of 5,000MW in its initial phase. When the entire plant is fully operational, it is expected to create 8,000 jobs, 95% of which will be for Tajik citizens. The implementation of this project will not only promote the development of renewable energy in Tajikistan, but also bring significant job opportunities to the local economy.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

10:46 2024.06.05

The 7th China (Indonesia) Trade Expo opens in Jakarta

On June 4th, the 7th China (Indonesia) Trade Expo opened in Jakarta. The exhibition attracted nearly a thousand local enterprises from 18 provinces and cities including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, as well as Indonesia, with an exhibition area of 40000 square meters. The Indonesian exhibition has become an important platform for Chinese companies to expand their market. From the perspective of exhibition categories, the exhibition covers industrial equipment and parts exhibition, household appliances and consumer electronics exhibition, building materials and home decoration exhibition, photovoltaic exhibition, toy baby exhibition, global textile and clothing exhibition, international home gift exhibition, plastic printing and packaging equipment exhibition, Defu furniture exhibition and other professional exhibitions, gathering over 35 industry sub categories, reproducing the strength of Chinese products and brands. Li Feng, Chief Representative of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Indonesia, introduced that Chinese enterprises in Indonesia cover many fields such as mining, smelting, communication, digital economy, and new energy. This not only promotes the development of Chinese enterprises themselves, but also makes positive contributions to the economic and social development of Indonesia. He said that this expo will provide a high-quality docking platform for Chinese and Indonesian enterprises, which will help both sides fully tap into the growth potential of trade and investment between China and Indonesia, create more distinctive new highlights of trade and investment, and continuously improve the level and scale of bilateral trade and two-way investment. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

10:37 2024.06.05

Shat Salman King International Integrated Port Facility Project

The Saudi Arabian King Salman International Integrated Port Facility Project is located on the Persian Gulf coast in eastern Saudi Arabia, 180 kilometers north of Dammam, the third largest city in Saudi Arabia, in the Rashir Industrial Zone. The project is contracted by Shandong Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. of China Electric Power Construction Group. It started construction in December 2019 and is expected to achieve overall handover in 2024. After the completion of the project, it will mainly engage in the manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of ships and drilling platforms, which is expected to drive Saudi Arabia's economic growth of 17 billion US dollars, create 80000 employment opportunities, and assist Saudi Arabia's economic and social development. Wang Yuanhui, General Manager of Shandong Electric Power Construction and Acting General Manager of Saudi Arabia's King's Port project, stated that 2024 is the year of performance for the Saudi Arabia King's Port project, and both China and Saudi Arabia have determined the project schedule and tasks. The company will go all out to display the brand image of Chinese enterprises and contribute to the high-quality construction of the the Belt and Road. During an interview with our reporter, Awad, the government affairs coordinator of the Saudi King's Port project and former director of the Dammam City Legal Bureau, stated that Saudi Arabia's "2030 Vision" has painted a beautiful prospect for Saudi Arabia's economic diversification. Many Chinese enterprises have participated in Saudi Arabia's economic transformation process with their own technical capabilities and practical spirit, injecting impetus into practical cooperation between Saudi Arabia and China. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

14:39 2024.06.04

The cumulative installed PV capacity in the UK has reached 15.9GW

According to data released by the UK's Department of Energy Security and Net Zero Emissions, the installed capacity of photovoltaic systems installed in the UK to date has reached 15.9GW. The report points out that the UK PV market has been relatively slow in the early part of this year, with small PV systems installed accounting for the majority of new PV systems. With the UK general election looming, industry experts are calling on the next government to act quickly to address key issues affecting the growth of PV system installed capacity. Figures released by the UK's Department of Energy Security and Net Zero Emissions on 30 May 2024 show that the UK added 190MW of PV systems in the first four months of this year, a significant drop from the 330MW added in the same period in 2023. The UK installed 916MW of photovoltaic systems in 2023. In terms of new installed capacity, 2023 is only the fifth highest year on record for installed PV systems in the UK, although the number of new PV systems added is the second highest, with 191,524 PV systems coming online. The report attributes this to the fact that small PV systems account for the majority of new PV systems. Editor/Wang Tian

11:58 2024.06.04

The Ecological Environment Association signed a memorandum of understanding

On June 3rd, China's Yixing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Chinese Ecological Environment Association, deepening exchanges and cooperation in environmental technology research and development, smart water management, environmental industry upgrading, and green and low-carbon development. On the day of the signing ceremony, it was held in Brussels. Zhou Xueqiang, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Yixing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park in China, and Yang Min, Vice Chairman of the European Chinese Ecological Environment Association, delivered speeches respectively. Representatives of both sides signed a memorandum of understanding and officially confirmed the cooperation relationship. It is reported that through the cooperation framework, China Yixing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park will jointly explore the innovative path of environmental protection technology with the European Chinese Ecological Environment Association, promote the digital transformation of environmental protection technology, and work together to promote the sustainable development of the environmental protection industry. The specific areas of cooperation include technical exchange, talent cultivation, project cooperation, information sharing, resource integration, etc. Editor/Zhou Yingwen

10:42 2024.06.04

China and Egypt Sign Cooperation Plan for Jointly Building the Belt and Road

On May 29, 2024, under the joint witness of the heads of state of China and Egypt, Zheng Zhajie, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, signed the cooperation plan of the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt on jointly promoting the construction of the Belt and Road on behalf of the two governments. The "Cooperation Plan" follows the principles of consultation, joint construction, and sharing, adheres to the concepts of openness, greenness, and integrity, and aims at high standards, sustainability, and benefiting the people's livelihood. Focusing on policy communication, infrastructure connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration, and people-to-people exchanges, it clarifies the key cooperation areas and contents of China-Egypt joint construction of the Belt and Road.Editor/Zhao E

08:41 2024.06.04

Brazil's president inaugurates a second-generation ethanol plant

On June 2, 2024, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva visited Sao Paulo State to witness the grand inauguration of the R $1.2 billion second-generation ethanol plant built by Raizen. This landmark project will significantly increase ethanol production capacity to 82 million litres per year, thereby establishing its leading position as the world's largest ethanol production plant. Lula stressed Brazil's leadership in clean energy and plans to promote second-generation ethanol to boost biofuel exports. Brazil will prioritize meeting domestic green energy needs, creating jobs and welcoming foreign investment. Vice President Alckmin said Raizen would accompany him to China to promote ethanol exports to Asia, and praised the plant as an example of Brazil's new industrial plan, demonstrating innovation, sustainability and competitiveness. Second-generation ethanol technology improves bagasse utilization, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and has a carbon footprint far lower than that of regular gasoline.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

14:38 2024.06.03

All turn to Asia! Solarwatt closes German PV plant

According to foreign media reports, German photovoltaic module manufacturer Solarwatt said this week that it will stop its battery production in Germany by the end of this year, and said that all battery and solar panel production to Asia. "For economic reasons, the German plant will not be able to continue operations beyond 2024 for the foreseeable future," chief executive Detlef Neuhaus said. On May 2, Solarwatt announced that it would close its 300MW per year component manufacturing plant in Dresden, eastern Germany, in August. About 170 of the company's 750 employees will be affected by the shutdown of component and battery production. Founded in 1993, Solarwatt specializes in photovoltaic systems and basic components for private homes and small businesses. The company currently has offices in Dresden, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Editor/Wang Tian

09:15 2024.06.03

Ja Technology to help Brazil photovoltaic irrigation project

In the northeastern state of Bahia, Brazil, the Dom Perignon Farm PV irrigation project, with JA supplying all high-efficiency PV modules, has been running smoothly for seven months. This landmark project has had a profound impact on the local agriculture industry, not only significantly increasing crop yields, achieving a doubling, but also significantly improving agricultural production efficiency. As one of the world's leading food exporters, Brazil's agricultural potential has attracted global attention. The land is blessed with natural conditions, including a favorable climate, fertile land, rich biodiversity and abundant water, making Brazil one of the world's leading producers of many crops. In the global pursuit of green and low-carbon development, Brazil is actively seeking the path of sustainable agricultural development. As an effective means to reduce dependence on traditional energy sources, photovoltaic irrigation systems have been highly concerned by the Brazilian government and related industries. As a leader in the global photovoltaic industry, JA Technology has always been committed to promoting technological innovation in this field and contributing to the green development of agriculture in Brazil and around the world.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

09:13 2024.06.03

Finland plans to build seven solar power plants with a total capacity of 213MW

The European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and the Environment (CINEA) recently entered into funding agreements with seven solar projects in Finland with a combined installed capacity of up to 212.99MW. Following the EU's first successful cross-border solar tender in 2023, the EU Renewable Energy Financing Facility has stepped up again, injecting a total of €27.5 million into these projects. Two of the approved projects are in the South Ostbotten region in western Finland, where a 74.03MW plant will be built on top of an existing peat production area, while a 33MW plant will be located in a peat bog. The 20MW surface solar park in Loukkaanaro will be the largest solar project in northern Finland and is expected to have a lifetime of at least 30 years.Editor/Zhang Liyuan

18:22 2024.05.31

Italy added 1.72GW of PV capacity in the firt quarter

According to the latest statistics from the Italian Photovoltaic Association (Italia Solare), as of the end of March this year, the cumulative number of installed photovoltaic systems in Italy was about 1.7 million, with an installed capacity of 32GW. Italy added 1.72GW of PV system capacity in the first quarter of this year, compared to 1.05GW in the same period in 2023. The PV systems installed in Italy in the first quarter of 2024 consist of three segments: 547MW of installed capacity for PV systems below 20kW; The installed capacity of photovoltaic system between 20kW and 200W is 595MW; The installed capacity of photovoltaic systems above 1MW is 579MW. The regions with the highest capacity additions to the Italian PV market are Lombardy (304MW), Lazio (229MW), Veneto (188MW), Emilia Romagna (150MW) and Piedmont (131MW). Editor/Xu Shengpeng

18:22 2024.05.31

Seven EU countries approve €1.4 billion joint hydrogen transport project

The European Union's competition watchdog has approved a €1.4 billion joint hydrogen project funded by seven member states that is expected to attract €3.3 billion in private investment. Another project involving a €1 billion joint medical initiative was also approved. Called IPCEI Hy2Move, the hydrogen energy project involves giants such as Airbus, BMW and Michelin to jointly develop hydrogen energy technology for transport. The project is supported by seven EU countries - Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Spain. Hy2Move is focused on solving the challenges of integrating hydrogen technology into transportation and transport applications such as buses, trucks, ships and trains, while leveraging the thriving hydrogen infrastructure established by H2Infra. The project includes four key workflows: integrating hydrogen technology into transport vehicles, developing fuel cell technology, creating on-board hydrogen storage solutions, and producing hydrogen for these applications. Editor/Xu Shengpeng

15:37 2024.05.31

In South Africa, surface PV escorts green farms

At Vleiland Farm in the Western Cape province of South Africa, the solar surface photovoltaic system is continuously generating green electricity to provide green energy for the farm. The project all uses the solar surface photovoltaic system solution, using the idle water surface of the agricultural irrigation pool in the farm, the junction and the terrain, optimizing the display layout and anchoring scheme design, and maximizing the use of the water area. Due to the scarcity of water resources in the area where the project is located, the solar surface photovoltaic system can effectively reduce water evaporation, save 1.5 cubic meters of water per square meter per year, and provide more agricultural and domestic water for farms. The project site has excellent lighting conditions, and the surface ventilation effect of the solar surface photovoltaic system square water area is good, which is conducive to the improvement of power generation efficiency. The customer said that the power generation efficiency of the floating photovoltaic power station was increased by 12%. Leading professional design, connecting the whole water surface. Solar surface PV will always be based on innovative technology and explore more new models of "photovoltaic +". Editor/Wang Tian

15:27 2024.05.31

By 2040, Middle East energy generation will exceed fossil energy

According to a recent study by Rystad Energy, the installed capacity of renewable power generation facilities in the Middle East will grow significantly, and renewable power generation is expected to exceed fossil fuel generation in the power sector by 2040. Photovoltaic systems are expected to become its main energy source, accounting for more than half of the region's electricity supply by 2025, up from just 2 percent last year. Renewable energy, including hydropower, photovoltaic and wind power, is expected to account for 70% of total power generation in the Middle East by 2050, up from just 5% at the end of 2023. However, the region will remain heavily dependent on natural gas for power generation in the near term, with its use set to peak in 2030. Traditionally the heart of the world's oil and gas production, the Middle East is transitioning to renewable energy due to rapid industrial development, a booming population and global efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The region's population of more than 280 million has grown by 60% since 2000, leading to a doubling of electricity demand over the past 20 years. Driven by industrial development, population growth and the electrification of various industries, electricity demand in the Middle East is expected to reach 2,000 TWH by 2050, significantly higher than the current 1,200 TWH. Editor/Wang Tian

10:43 2024.05.31

Italy added 1.72GW of PV capacity in the first quarter

According to the latest data released by the Italian Photovoltaic Association (Italia Solare), Italy has made significant progress in the field of photovoltaic. By the end of March 2024, the cumulative number of photovoltaic systems installed in the country has reached nearly 1.7 million units, with a total installed capacity of up to 32GW. Italy recorded impressive growth in the first quarter of 2024. The installed capacity of photovoltaic systems added in the first quarter of 2024 reached 1.72GW, compared to 1.05 GW in the same period in 2023, demonstrating the country's firm investment and continued efforts in renewable energy technologies. The Italian Photovoltaic Association has released a report on the grid-connection of photovoltaic systems in the first quarter of 2024. While there was a decrease in grid-connected capacity for residential PV systems compared to the same period in 2023, there was significant growth in commercial and industrial (C&I) PV systems and in the utility-scale sector. Specifically, the grid-connected capacity of commercial and industrial PV systems increased by 106%, while the installed capacity of PV systems in the utility-scale sector achieved a significant increase of up to 373%. This impressive growth was mainly due to the smooth grid connection of eight large PV plants, each with an installed capacity of more than 10MW, for a total of 281MW. These large-scale PV plants are located in several regions of Italy, including Lombardy 20MW, Lazio 137MW, Friuli-Venezia Giulia 24MW, Sicily 40MW, Sardinia 50MW and Puglia 10MW. The successful grid-connection of these projects has made a positive contribution to promoting the development of renewable energy and combating climate change.Editor/Zhang Liyuan


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