Algeria's $565 billion super industry is full of opportunities
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  • Tourism's Contribution to Kenya's GDP to Grow to $749 Billion Per Year by 2034
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Albania's tourism industry makes a significant contribution to the economy, creating more jobs in 2023 than any year in history, according to the 2024 Economic Impact Study conducted by the World Travel and Tourism Council. The industry's contribution to Albania's GDP in 2023 reached nearly $565 billion, nearly 37% higher than the all-time high in 2019.

In 2019, the number of jobs supported by the industry grew by more than 10%, with nearly 269,000 jobs nationwide, accounting for one-fifth of Albania's jobs. Spending by international tourists is expected to grow to more than $493 billion, a staggering 55% increase compared to 2019 levels. Spending by domestic tourists is also expected to exceed $107 billion in 2024. These records are expected to be broken again in 2024.

WTTC forecasts that GDP will continue to grow to nearly $608.5 billion in 2024, with nearly 10,000 new jobs expected in 2024. “Albania is a great example of how tourism can boost economic prosperity and create new jobs. Albania’s record figures represent real progress and real opportunities for thousands of employees,” said Julia Simpson, WTTC President and CEO. “Albania has become a fantastic destination on the world stage. With the support of the government, the country’s tourism industry is becoming a growing destination in the global travel landscape,” she added. Albania continues to break new records, positioning itself as one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.

With the construction of Vlora Airport, the Albanian government is stepping up efforts to attract more international tourists, capitalizing on the country’s growing popularity for its rich cultural heritage, stunning scenery and affordable prices. According to the World Tourism Organization, the contribution of tourism to Kenya’s GDP will increase to $749 billion per year by 2034, and is expected to support more than 314,000 jobs across the country.

International tourist spending is expected to reach $565 billion, while domestic tourist spending is expected to reach nearly $152 billion.

Tourism is a major driver of Algeria’s economic growth

Algeria tourism in 2024 refers to tourism and activities related to individuals from other regions or countries traveling to Algeria for leisure, business, exploration, and cultural exchange. The main purpose of Algeria’s tourism industry is to promote the country as a preferred destination for travelers, showcasing its diverse natural beauty, historical heritage, cultural richness, and economic potential.

Tourism is a major driver of Algeria’s economic growth, generating revenue and jobs. The tourism industry contributes to the country’s GDP through spending on accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, and various tourist activities. The development of tourism infrastructure, such as hotels, resorts, and transportation networks, helps diversify the economy and create jobs.

One of the main goals of Algeria’s tourism industry is to promote cultural exchanges between the country and international tourists. Visitors have the opportunity to explore Algeria’s rich cultural heritage, including its historical sites, museums, and traditional festivals. These interactions promote cross-cultural understanding, tolerance, and appreciation of Algeria’s diverse traditions and customs.

Algeria is home to numerous natural attractions, from the Mediterranean coastline to the Sahara Desert. Tourism aims to promote the conservation and sustainable management of these natural wonders. Visitors can explore Algeria's diverse landscapes, engage in outdoor activities, and enjoy the country's unique flora and fauna.

Algeria has a rich and colorful history, with ancient Roman ruins, Islamic architecture, and archaeological sites. Tourism helps to protect and showcase these historical heritages, allowing visitors to learn about the country's past. Tourism also encourages the restoration and maintenance of historical sites to ensure their long-term preservation.

Algeria's tourism industry covers a wide range of activities and experiences aimed at promoting economic growth, promoting cultural exchanges, promoting natural beauty and historical heritage, and promoting cross-cultural understanding. Tourism plays a vital role in Algeria's development, providing visitors with opportunities to explore and enjoy the country's unique scenery, while also contributing to the country's economic prosperity.Editor/Zhao E


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