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  • Byd energy storage brings large energy storage products to shine
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From June 13 to 15, the 17th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition (SNEC 2024) was held at the China National Convention and Exhibition Center. Byd Energy storage brought full matrix energy storage products to the exhibition and won two awards: Energy Storage Innovation Enterprise Award and Energy Storage Technology Excellence Award.

Panoramic empowerment, shining Shanghai

Byd Energy storage with large-scale energy storage products MC Cube-T ESS, MC Cube ESS, Cube T28, 20ft ESS, industrial and commercial storage products MC-I, household storage products BatteryBox shine.

Through continuous technological innovation and product iteration, BYD Energy storage has created a product matrix that can realize full-scene application, full value creation, and full ecological adaptation. The audience at the exhibition stopped to consult, showed a strong interest in rich and diversified products, and gave BYD energy storage a high degree of recognition.

Innovate and lead the way

Byd's new generation of energy storage products MC Cube-T ESS attracted the attention of the audience. MC Cube-T ESS has been upgraded from two levels of battery cell and system, inheriting the technology of CTS super integration, modular design, liquid cooled high-voltage battery pack, etc., and introducing a new generation of intelligent liquid cooling and a new generation of large-capacity energy storage special lithium iron phosphate battery cell. The energy of single cell and single Rubik's cube is increased by 11%, and the energy of single system is increased by 35.8%. By optimizing the layout, the equivalent footprint of a typical layout unit is reduced by up to 24.7%.

Byd Energy storage always adheres to the principle of "production generation, research and development generation, reserve generation", continues to pursue innovation and development, and constantly promotes technological innovation in the energy storage industry with leading technology.

Frontier sharing, thinking collision

Byd energy storage MC Cube-T ESS and other products have attracted many customers and visitors at home and abroad. Booth on-site consultation continued, all parties to discuss the future of clean energy, work together to seek the development of green electricity, and jointly build a new energy storage bright future.

Authority, strength certification

At the exhibition, BYD Rubik's Cube series UL 9540 Ed.3 latest version of the North American certification ceremony was held. Yin Xueqin, president of BYD Energy Storage and Electric Power Research Institute, and Ms. Ge Yanqing, regional vice president and General manager of CSA Group, attended the ceremony.

As one of the leaders in global standard development, testing, inspection and certification, CSA Group issued a certificate for BYD Rubik's Cube, indicating that BYD's Rubik's Cube series products meet the current safety standards in North America and reach the international advanced level, which also represents the industry's high recognition of BYD's energy storage technology and strength.

Be crowned with honor and move forward

Certification shows strength, the trophy is more brilliant. On the 15th, at the "Ten Highlights" award ceremony of SNEC Exhibition in Shanghai, BYD Energy Storage won the double awards of Energy Storage Innovation Enterprise Award and Energy Storage Technology Excellence Award, showing its strong brand influence and core technology competitiveness.

As a global leader in the energy storage industry, BYD Energy Storage is committed to the innovation and promotion of energy storage technology, continues to lead the high-quality development of the energy storage industry, and provides customers with safe, easy to use, and extremely cost-effective energy storage products and solutions.

The feast is over, and the walk goes on. In the future, BYD Energy Storage will continue to increase investment in research and development to promote the high-quality development of the industry with leading technology and innovative products. Byd Energy Storage looks forward to working with you to draw a green zero-carbon blueprint and go to the future of sustainable development. (This article from see road official website www.seetao.com without permission must not be reproduced, reproduced please indicate see road network + original link) See road network strategic column editor/Xu Shengpeng


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