Huaneng Qingyuan Gas Turbine Thermal Power Phase I Project officially started
Seetao 2022-12-03 12:08
  • Huaneng gas turbine thermal power project is one of the important measures to promote industrial transformation and upgrading
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On the morning of November 28, 2022, Huaneng Qingyuan Gas Turbine Thermal Power Phase I Project held the first concrete pouring and the company's unveiling ceremony. Zhou Qixian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of the High tech Zone, Chen Jianwen and Luo Zeguang, District leaders, and the comrades in charge of the District Enterprise Service Bureau and District Construction Bureau attended the ceremony.

In the warm applause and the whistle of engineering vehicles, the first tank of concrete poured down, marking that Huaneng Qingyuan Gas Turbine Thermal Power Phase I Project has entered the comprehensive construction stage.

It is understood that the Qingyuan gas turbine thermal power project is an important part of the construction of a large clean energy base in northern Guangdong by the South Branch of China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. The project covers an area of about 135 mu, with a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan (including supporting heat supply network projects). After it is put into operation, the annual power generation is 1.316 billion kWh, the annual heat supply is 2.668 million GJ, the annual output value is 1 billion yuan, and the annual tax is 60 million yuan.

Luo Zeguang said at the pouring ceremony that the introduction of Huaneng gas turbine thermal power project is one of the important measures taken by the High tech Zone to actively practice the concept of green development and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. He hoped that the project construction party would adhere to the concept of safe construction, implement epidemic prevention and control, safe production, environmental protection and other requirements, seize the "golden period" of construction, reverse the construction period, and ensure that the project is completed as soon as possible and effective. Adhering to the concept of "all for the enterprise, all for the enterprise", the Administrative Committee of the High tech Zone will, as always, provide all-round and high-quality services to "escort" the project construction.

At the ceremony site, Liu Jianxun, the deputy chief engineer of China Energy Construction Group Guangdong Thermal Power Co., Ltd., made a statement on behalf of the construction party, saying that he would strictly follow the procedures, carry out scientific construction, and strictly control the construction of procedure materials, so as to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the project.

Later, Zhou Qixian and his delegation went to Tian'an Zhigu Science and Technology Industrial Park to jointly unveil three brands of "Huaneng (Qingyuan) Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.", "Huaneng (Guangdong) Clean Energy Co., Ltd." and "Huaneng South Branch's Large Clean Energy Base Development Working Group in North Guangdong" with Wang Qiuming, the South Branch of China Huaneng Group, and focus on photovoltaic power generation, energy conservation and emission reduction Green energy and other aspects were discussed and exchanged.

Zhou Qixian expressed the hope that Huaneng Qingyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd. would increase the construction of photovoltaic, energy storage and micro grid, promote the efficient and complementary utilization of multi energy, provide enterprises with green and clean energy supply and efficient and high-quality power services, and help enterprises develop with high quality.

Wang Qiuming expressed his belief that with the strong support of the High tech Zone Management Committee and the full cooperation of all participating units, Qingyuan Gas Turbine Thermal Power Phase I Project will be truly built into a clean, low-carbon, intelligent and efficient distributed energy demonstration project as soon as possible, making greater contributions to building a beautiful Qingyuan with green mountains, green water and fresh air.Editor/XuNing


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