60.8 kilometers Changqing Bridge to Wangjiagou Railway Project Initiated Bidding
Seetao 2023-08-15 10:07
  • Promoting the Construction of Longdong National Energy Base and Promoting the Economic and Social Development of Lingtai
  • The project construction adopts a long-term equity+engineering general contracting+operation model
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On August 11th, the bidding announcement for the social investors of the newly built Changqing Bridge to Wangjiagou Railway Special Line Project was officially released.

This project is a planned section of the Shaanxi Guojiahe to Gansu Changqing Bridge Railway Special Line within Gansu Province. The line roughly runs in a north-south direction, starting from Guojiahe Station on the Baolin Railway in the south and ending at Changqingqiao Station on the Xiping Railway in the north. The total length of the line is 76.028km (including 11.078km in Shaanxi Province and 64.950km in Gansu Province).

After the completion of the project, it will open up the transportation channels for bulk commodities such as coal in the Lingtai mining area, which is of great strategic significance for promoting the construction of the Longdong National Energy Base and promoting the economic and social development of Lingtai.

The implementation plan for the new Changqing Bridge to Wangjiagou Railway Special Line Project has been approved by the People's Government of Pingliang City in document No. 13. The project tenderer is Pingliang Urban Rural Development and Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., and the bidding agent is Gansu Provincial Tendering Center Co., Ltd.

The newly-built Changqing Bridge to Wangjiagou Railway Special Line Project has a total length of 60.872 kilometers. The supporting projects include the process system and civil design of Wangjiagou Station, Xujiagou Station, and Qianjiagou Station, as well as other related auxiliary projects such as water, heating, electricity, roads, and Caijiazui Handover Station.6 super large bridges of 7494.4 meters, 5 large bridges of 1477.5 meters, 1 medium bridge of 73.6 meters, 7 box frame bridges of 2893.8 square meters, and 46 new frame culverts of 1132 meters; 4 medium long tunnels with a length of 465 meters (500 < L ≤ 3000 meters), 3 long tunnels with a length of 16270 meters (3000 < L ≤ 10000 meters), and 1 extra long tunnel with a length of 18140 meters (L > 10000 meters);

12.95 kilometers of ballasted track laying on the main line, 47.48 kilometers of ballastless track laying, 34.2 kilometers of station track laying, 89 sets of turnout laying, and 157600 cubic meters of ballast laying; The house is 35540 square meters.

The Wangjiagou freight station includes a coal receiving system, a coal storage system, and a loading system, with a construction scale of 8 million tons/year; The Xujiagou freight station includes a coal storage system, loading system, and container platform, with a construction scale of 8 million tons/year. The Qianjiagou freight station includes a loading and unloading system, with a construction scale of 6 million tons/year.

The estimated total investment in this project, including the transportation station, is 6.797 billion yuan, fully funded by social investors. In addition to the capital, the remaining funds will be financed by the project company as the financing entity through bank loans and other means.

The construction period of this project is planned to be 4 years, with a long-term operation.

Main operating modes of the project

After the bidder wins the bid, the tenderer and the winning bidder sign a project investment agreement. The winning bidder shall, in accordance with the agreement and relevant laws, regulations, and policies such as the Company Law of the People's Republic of China, invest to establish a project company in accordance with the law.

The tenderer and the project company sign a project cooperation agreement, and the project company is responsible for organizing project investment, construction, operation, and other related work.

The construction of this project adopts a long-term equity+engineering general contracting+operation model, and the government does not participate in project investment, construction, and operation. The project company established by social investors as the project construction legal person is responsible for project investment, financing, construction, operation and maintenance in accordance with the investment agreement, cooperation agreement, and project planning and design documents. The project company shall make independent decisions, operate independently, and be responsible for its own profits and losses in accordance with the law.Editor/Gao Li Mei


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