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Construction of the second phase of Shaoxing Metro Line 2 starts
Seetao 2024-02-20 10:24
  • The second phase of Line 2 is an important part of Shaoxing rail transit
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On the morning of February 18, with the warm spring sun sprinkled in every corner of Zhejiang Province, the "thousand trillion" major projects in Zhejiang Province in 2024 are being put into operation in full swing. This is not only a feast of project construction, but also a firm commitment and prospect of Zhejiang Province's economic and social development in the new era. The city of Shaoxing, as an important sub-venue of the event, will focus on the high-profile urban rail transit Line 2 phase II project.

Shaoxing branch venue activities in the city leaders Warm, Shi Huifang, Tan Zhigui, Wei Wei, Wang Tao and other leaders witnessed the curtain. This event not only marks a new starting point for Shaoxing City in the construction of major projects, but also looks forward to the new pattern of urban transportation development in the future.

The second phase project of Line 2, as an important part of Shaoxing rail transit, its construction significance is far more than traffic itself. The starting point of the project is located in the first phase of the Tan Du station (not included), a road to the north, through the bustling and quiet of the city, the end of the Liangzhu Avenue station in Shangyu District. The total length of the line is about 25.9 kilometers, with 7 stations along the way, and the total investment of the project is about 14.16 billion yuan. This huge investment not only reflects the Shaoxing municipal government's attention to urban transportation construction, but also its firm confidence in the future development of the city.

It is worth mentioning that the second phase of Line 2 and the completed first phase of Line 2 will achieve through operation. This means that the time and space distance between Shangyu District and Jinghu core area will be greatly shortened, and the traffic between the two places will be more convenient, achieving a seamless docking in the true sense. This not only provides more convenient travel conditions for citizens, but also provides a solid transportation foundation for the integration of Shaoxing's three districts and the construction of a modern metropolis.

In addition, the construction of the project will strongly promote the urbanization process of Shaoxing city and accelerate the formation of a new layout of urban spatial structure. With the continuous improvement of rail transit, Shaoxing city will take on a new look, and the quality of life of citizens will be further improved.

In general, the concentrated start of the "thousand trillion" major projects in Zhejiang Province in 2024 not only injected new vitality into the economic and social development of Zhejiang Province, but also painted a new blueprint for the future development of Shaoxing City. The construction of the second phase of Shaoxing rail transit Line 2 is an indispensable part of this blueprint. We expect that in the near future, Shaoxing City will glow with more brilliant light due to the construction of these major projects. Editor/Xu Shengpeng


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