S319 highway construction project accelerates
Seetao 2024-06-11 15:07
  • This project will help promote trade and economic cooperation between Xinjiang and neighboring countries
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The road construction project from Burqin to Jimunai Port on line S319 is in full swing. The project is located in Burqin County and Jimunai County in Altay Region. It is an important passage connecting northern Xinjiang with Kazakhstan, Russia and other countries. At present, the second bid section project has completed 27.5 kilometers of asphalt paving, accounting for a significant part of the 82.974 kilometers of the entire line. The project includes a number of projects such as roadbed, pavement, and bridges. It aims to build a two-way four-lane first-class highway, which is of great significance for promoting the development of mining and tourism in the Altay region.

The person in charge of the project said that after completion, the project will significantly shorten the driving distance between regions, optimize the investment and development environment, and promote the county's export-oriented economic, social, and tourism development. At the same time, the project is located in the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt and will form a fast lane and have an important impact on expanding foreign trade. Currently, nearly 600 workers and nearly 200 machines are fully engaged in construction at the project site, and 71.2% of the construction output value has been completed.

This project is located in the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt. It is not only a key node of the Altay Thousand Miles Gallery Tourist Circle, providing convenient transportation access for tourists, but also building a fast track for the northern corridor of the Silk Road Economic Belt, which will greatly Promote inter-regional economic exchanges and cooperation. In addition, the project is of extremely strategic significance for expanding foreign trade and promoting regional economic integration.Editor/Cheng Liting


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