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Mango Digital Intelligence signed a contract with Gansu Museum Association
Seetao 2024-06-11 15:29
  • The offline integration of museums and digital cultural museums has injected new vitality into the cultural museum industry
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On June 6, 2024, Mango Digital Intelligence Art Technology Co., Ltd. of Hunan Province and Gansu Museum Association held a grand strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Changsha. The two parties announced the formal establishment of a strategic partnership. They will rely on their respective advantages to jointly explore new museum formats and create a new model of digital collection, research, display, dissemination, self-learning and creative industries led by participants. This innovative model aims to transform cultural relics data into data factor productivity and further release the social value, cultural value and economic value of museums.

The focus of this cooperation is to build a digital cultural museum platform. The platform deeply integrates culture and technology, takes "telling Chinese stories well" as its core concept, and strives to create a unique online digital museum. By using cutting-edge technologies such as AIGC and blockchain, the platform transforms the rich traditional Chinese cultural resources into perceptible and interactive digital content, and promotes the living inheritance and international dissemination of Chinese culture.

Museums at all levels in Gansu Province will gradually move into the digital cultural and museum platform to jointly promote the construction and development of the platform. At the same time, Mango Digital Intelligence will give full play to its advantages in technology and communication to help museums expand their social influence. The two parties also plan to combine Gansu Province's cultural heritage development plan to jointly plan an online interactive exhibition to show the unique charm of Gansu culture from a new perspective.

Invited expert Lian Ji spoke highly of this cooperation. He said that the technical functions of Mango Digital Intelligence have given new vitality to Gansu's cultural relics, reproduced history through digital means, and enabled more people to feel the profoundness of Chinese culture. At the same time, he also appreciated the scene and situation of the signing ceremony, believing that this is an innovative way to artistically present serious historical themes.

As an important platform for Hunan Radio and Television to respond to the integration of culture and technology, Mango Digital Intelligence has been committed to the innovative development of cultural relics digitization and cultural and museum industries. The platform uses advanced technologies such as AIGC, blockchain and 3D modeling to realize the digital reproduction of precious cultural relics and explore the 24-hour museum model. This model breaks the limitations of time and space and makes global cultural heritage within reach.Editor/Cheng Liting


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