Yuchai Non Road New Energy Power Becomes the Focus of the Sports Expo
Seetao 2023-11-24 15:29
  • The new energy power products launched by Yuchai have also received widespread attention
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On November 17, 2023, the 22nd China International Internal Combustion Engine and Power Equipment Expo, which lasted for 3 days, successfully concluded at the Nanjing International Expo Center. This event focuses on the theme of "Power Changes the World", bringing together 23 countries and regions, over 500 exhibitors, and 50000 professional visitors online and offline. Many "first releases", "new processes", and "typical products in practical application fields" have successively appeared here, entering global industry undertakings through exhibition platforms.

At the power exhibition booth of Yuchai, many independently developed products such as Yuchai fuel cell system, IE POWER electric continuously variable transmission hybrid powertrain, K05H hydrogen engine, etc. made their debut, showcasing Yuchai's flagship power products in both traditional and new energy power tracks, becoming the focus of attention for global customers on site.

Deep development, benchmarking against international first-class

In the field of traditional power, YCK09L and YCY25, the sixth and second generation products of Yuchai Country, are considered as the "leading figures" in this exhibition. This series of products is derived from the high-end power customization platform of Yuchai SKY, and has advantages in thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, and emissions. It is a series of diesel engines that can fully meet the four stage fuel consumption standards.

In addition, this exhibition is also the "debut" of Yuchai YC16VTD series power generation in China. It adopts advanced technology configurations such as high-pressure common rail system and four valves, and has been optimized and verified by Yuchai's advanced combustion development technology. It has many advantages such as excellent performance, reliability, durability, small size, and light weight. Currently, it has been widely used in large shopping malls, mining enterprises, data centers, and communication industries, and its product performance is comparable to that of European and American power,

Diversified layout, moving towards a zero carbon future

After continuous technological accumulation and integration of advanced design concepts at home and abroad, Yuchai's new energy power products launched this time have also received widespread attention and repeatedly achieved good results. The Yuchai tractor electric drive continuously variable transmission hybrid powertrain (IE-POWER), which was introduced this time, utilizes the characteristics of electric motor continuously variable transmission and the characteristics of generator low speed, high torque, and wide speed range to achieve full range continuously variable transmission. It is the first domestically produced tractor hybrid electric drive continuously variable transmission powertrain in China. Compared to traditional hydraulic mechanical continuously variable transmission assemblies, the Yuchai hybrid electric drive continuously variable transmission powertrain has advantages such as a simpler system structure, higher operational efficiency, better reliability, more significant fuel saving effects, and lower maintenance costs. This device has broken the foreign monopoly on continuously variable transmission technology and ushered in a new era of pure localization of China's large tractor electric drive continuously variable transmission.

In terms of hydrogen power, the K05H hydrogen powered engine, which is the first flexible fuel engine platform in China to achieve commercial operation, can reach a maximum horsepower of 570 horsepower and is suitable for use in trunk logistics tractors; The use of high-efficiency mixers, rolling flow combustion chambers, and lean combustion technology has resulted in a minimum fuel consumption ratio of 180 grams per kilowatt hour, with an efficiency of over 40% comparable to hydrogen fuel cells. This is a milestone achievement in Yuchai's exploration of hydrogen energy applications.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the Yuchai fuel cell system is a device that generates electricity through the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. It can truly achieve pollution-free and emission free operation, with a reaction efficiency of up to 60%. It is at the forefront of the industry, and its components are all 100% domestically produced, with significant price advantages. It has strong competitiveness in the global industry.

At present, Yuchai new energy power is widely popular in the non road field. Among them, the three major new energy power systems, namely range extender, IE Power, and P1.5 hybrid, involve 13 machine models and platforms such as YCF30/YCF36/YCK15/YCK16, and are applied to 16 sub uses such as tractors, harvesters, loaders, mining vehicles, high-altitude operation platforms, and port machinery. During the application process, the range extender product saves more than 30% fuel compared to diesel vehicle products. Excellent product quality brings good sales. In the first three quarters of this year, the sales of Yuchai New Energy Power's non road sector increased by 179% year-on-year. Among them, K16 new energy power products have been launched in large quantities, achieving the matching application of K15N-300kW natural gas rangefinder and K15M-300kW methanol rangefinder with the largest horsepower in China, leading the industry's development.

Implement the national "dual carbon" strategy and assist in industry upgrading and transformation. Although the China Power Industry Expo has come to an end, the journey of exploring diversified energy prospects in China's power industry is far from over. I believe that with the ambitious and enterprising exploration of Chinese enterprises represented by Yuchai, China's driving force will surely move towards a broader and more brilliant future.Editor/XingWentao


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