China Year, Yunnan is beautiful!
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  • The opening of the Laos China Railway has led to an increasing number of Laotian tourists visiting China
  • The Yi embroidery clothing has beautiful patterns, clever ideas, and meticulous embroidery, reflecting the aesthetic standards and customs of the Yi people in Chuxiong
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On January 31, 2024, at the "Yunnan Life" New Year event in Beijing, there was a strong aroma of Yunnan coffee, elegant tea flavor, fresh and sweet fruits, beautiful songs, and diverse scenery.

Dance enthusiastically and embroider with diverse styles

The traditional song and dance of the Naxi ethnic group in Lijiang, known as "Hot and Beautiful", originates from nature. When actors sing and dance, the audience also unconsciously sways, making it the performance with the highest return rate on the day. "Re Meijiu" was listed as a representative project of national intangible cultural heritage in 2008, integrating Naxi ethnic poetry, song, and dance, and is known as a precious living fossil of music. "The Yulong Snow Mountain blooms with smiles, the Jinsha River sings happily, and the Naxi people work hard together to sing loudly, singing about the beautiful home and the beautiful life." The performer, the inheritor of Naxi folk songs, and Liyuan said that the lyrics of the performance are our voices. We hope that the protection, inheritance, and promotion of Lijiang's traditional culture will continue to improve, and we hope to take advantage of the establishment of the South Asia Southeast Asia Media Association, Often showcasing the rich and colorful Lijiang to the world.

The Yi embroidery clothing has beautiful patterns, clever ideas, and meticulous embroidery, reflecting the aesthetic standards and customs of the Yi people in Chuxiong. At the 2023 Lancang Mekong Cooperation Top 10 News Conference and the "Yunnan Life" Entering Beijing New Year Event held in the afternoon, a Yi embroidery runway showcasing Eastern aesthetics and Yunnan's charm caught the attention of the guests. The person in charge of the performance introduced that in September last year, the Chuxiong Yi embroidery press conference was held at Milan Fashion Week, showcasing the beauty of Yi embroidery to the world with 40 sets of Yi embroidery cross-border fashion clothing and clothing. Yi embroidery and clothing are a window for identifying Yunnan culture both domestically and internationally, and the more you polish them, the brighter they become.

Things have spirit, words have love

"Shuanwu Cultural Creativity originated from the Centennial Military Academy's military academy on the side of Kunming's Green Lake. This is a bookmark and refrigerator sticker printed with the main entrance of military academy and the school motto of military academy. Our representative product, Wamao brooch, is integrated with spring flowers and folk painting elements, which is fashionable, simple and highly personalized." At the "Creative Kunming" booth, Fang Qinglan, the deputy general manager of Yunnan Shuanwu Cultural Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the Shuanwu cultural and creative products to the guests. At present, under the trend of "cultural and creative+tourism" consumption, cultural and creative "lifestyle" and cultural history "liveliness" are widely accepted, and have also become a part of Kunming's leisurely lifestyle.

The wonderful appearance of Dai Paper Cuttings, Dai pottery, gourd silk and other intangible cultural heritage and Dehong hornbill series books and other cultural and creative products full of Dehong elements attracted the attention of media and guests from all walks of life in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Under the guidance of the Paper Cuttings teacher, friends from all over the world cut out the word "Fu", which means the coming of the Spring Festival. Long Wei, the overseas broadcasting officer of Yunnan National Communication Center and a Burmese expert, said, "The small Paper Cuttings is integrated into the exquisite national culture, and this Spring Festival will bring Dehong's" New Year flavor "home."

At the exhibition booth of the "oldest" Spring Festival couplets filled with Lijiang elements, there is a constant stream of guests learning to write Dongba Spring Festival couplets and blessings. The inheritor of Naxi Dongba culture, He Libao, said that pasting Dongba Spring Festival couplets, writing Dongba calligraphy and painting, and praying for Dongba blessings are the customs of the Naxi ethnic group during the Chinese New Year. Exploring the beauty of Chinese culture in Dongba script has aroused everyone's interest in making a Spring Festival gift.

"Every piece is a work of art, which makes me curious about the Yi people living in Yunnan and their culture." In front of the booth, Cambodian student Chun Han and her friends frequently praised the exquisite Yi embroidery products.

Tea, coffee, fragrance, and long-lasting friendship

The rarest thing at the Honghe booth is none other than Easter eggs. While turning over the baked tofu, the person in charge, Ah Pu, explained: "This is a dragon egg, which is usually made and used in sacrifice and dragon worship activities. It uses natural plants to extract pigments, including madder, azalea, butterfly tofu pudding, and isatis root, and then rolls the boiled eggs in the dye solution. Colored eggs are a way for Hani people to convey blessings to each other, implying good luck, peace, and smoothness."

Foreign guests praised the unique flavor of Baoshan Xiaoli Coffee, which is strong but not bitter, fragrant but not strong, and slightly fruity. In the melody of the song "Searching for a Bite of Coffee Fragrance", it also evokes people's longing for Lujiang Dam. Laotian international student Walabong experiences hand brewed coffee on site. She said that after brewing Baoshan small grain coffee, it has a smooth texture, weak bitterness, and a balanced sour and sweet taste, making it a good choice for daily drinks.

"Sanqi has the effects of stopping bleeding, dispersing blood stasis, reducing swelling, and relieving pain..." Zhang Xiaoli, the head of the new retail department of Huaxin Sanqi Technology Co., Ltd. in Wenshan City, busily introduced the effects and consumption methods of Wenshan Sanqi to the guests. During this conference, Zhang Xiaoli not only made many new friends, but also became more convinced of the future prospects of the company's business development in the Mekong River countries. She hopes that enterprises can participate more in international exchange activities carried out by government departments and media institutions, and continue to make efforts for the Sanqi industry to go out of Yunnan and go global.

A beverage that blends coffee and avocado has brought a lot of "retention" to the Pu'er exhibition area. While savoring the rich and mellow silky fruity aroma of avocado, everyone curiously inquired about the appearance of Menglian Dai, Lahu, and Wa Autonomous County in Pu'er City, known as the "hometown of avocado in China". "Menglian County started planting avocados more than 10 years ago, and has now been successfully established as a 'one county, one industry' avocado characteristic county. Wang Yan, the head of the marketing department of Menglian County Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd., is extremely happy that the avocados in her hometown are so popular.".

When the Pu'er tea in Lincang meets the Spring Festival, it emits a fragrant annual flavor. Guests savor Yunnan tea slowly and savor its layers and sweetness. In front of the booth, the hot air rises, and friends from all over the world gather here to chat about lifestyles, discuss cooperation ideas, and plan for the future.

On January 31st, the 2023 Top Ten News Releases of the Lancang Mekong Cooperation and the "A Life in Yunnan" Entering Beijing for the New Year were held, organized by the Asia Pacific Communication Center of the China Foreign Languages Bureau, the Information Office of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government, and the Yunnan South Asia and Southeast Asia Regional International Communication Center.

To showcase the fruitful achievements of China's participation in the cooperation in the Lancang Mekong region and deepen the Lancang Mekong friendship among the six Lancang Mekong countries, the China Foreign Languages Bureau and the Yunnan Province South Asia Southeast Asia Regional International Communication Center jointly selected the "Top 10 News of Lancang Mekong Cooperation in 2023". The high-level exchanges between the six countries are close, and mutual trust and interaction lead to the orderly promotion of cooperation in multiple fields; The momentum of economic recovery is good, and the construction of the Lancang Mekong Economic Development Belt has yielded fruitful results; Create a safer development environment and create a global security initiative pilot zone; Multi point cooperation in the digital field has blossomed, stimulating new momentum in the "Digital Silk Road"; Rich and colorful cultural exchanges, tightening the emotional bonds between the six countries; Jointly building a green and beautiful home to promote sustainable development in the region; Livelihood cooperation enhances happiness and paves the way for common development and prosperity; Agricultural cooperation is flourishing, and sweet achievements are on the table of various countries; Gathering the wisdom and strength of young people to welcome a new future of Lancang Mekong cooperation.

Officials from the China Foreign Languages Bureau, the Information Office of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government, the Asia Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, relevant media, universities, enterprises, and representatives from the embassies of Mekong River countries in China attended the event on that day. The attending guests watched a short video of the annual news selection, and experts and scholars from the six countries of the Lancang Mekong River summarized the highlights and successful experiences of cooperation in 2023 through video format, providing suggestions and suggestions for future cooperation.

Yunnan Province is a frontier province in China's participation in the Lancang Mekong Cooperation. Since 2023, Yunnan has been focusing on creating a lifestyle called Yunnan and strengthening cultural exchanges with the five countries of the Mekong River. At the event, the person in charge of the News Office of the People's Government of Yunnan Province made a theme promotion on "There is a kind of life called Yunnan". 23 exhibition areas from Kunming, Honghe, Lincang, Pu'er, Dehong, Baoshan, Lijiang, Chuxiong, Wenshan and other provinces (cities) have attracted on-site guests to stop and learn about food specialties, handicrafts, distinctive cultural and creative products. The Yunnan New Year Customs Theme Experience Area invites guests from China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, experts and scholars from universities, and young representatives to participate in exchanges, interactions, and the sharing of "there is a kind of life called Yunnan", showcasing the cultural charm and deep friendship of the beauty and cooperation of the six Lancang Mekong countries.

On the same day, the music video "One Mountain, One Water, Two Waves" jointly produced by the Propaganda Department of the Dehong Prefecture Committee of the Communist Party of China and the International Communication Center for South Asia and Southeast Asia in Yunnan Province was also released. The "One Mountain, One Water, Two Peaks" is set against the backdrop of the friendship between China and Myanmar, reflecting the friendship between the two countries, which is connected by mountains and rivers, watching and helping each other, helping each other in the same boat, and sharing weal and woe.

Lancang Mekong diplomats come together to celebrate the Chinese New Year

The red lanterns are filled with a festive atmosphere, and more than 20 Yunnan specialty exhibition booths are decorated as New Year's markets. Dongba Spring Festival couplets, handmade Paper Cuttings, rubbing of the twelve zodiac signs, Yunnan featured food... On January 31, at the press release of the Top 10 Lancang Mekong Cooperation 2023 and the "There is a life called Yunnan" event, diplomats from Mekong countries experienced "There is a life called Yunnan" and told the impression of the "Year of China" of the Lancang Mekong River.

The Beauty and Harmony of Chinese New Year Culture

In 2023, the 78th United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution to designate the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) as a United Nations holiday, and "China Year" became "World Year". At the Yunnan New Year customs themed experience area at the event site, diplomats tasted authentic Yunnan flavors and experienced unique handicrafts. With the greetings of "Farewell to the early years!" and "Happy New Year!", they tightened the emotional bond between the people of the six Lancang Mekong countries to know and get to know each other.

"I belong to the Year of the Dragon, and this year is the Year of the Dragon. I want to print a dragon," said Pei Jiahai, the first secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy in China, at the Chinese zodiac rubbing booth in Lijiang. He happily displayed his rubbing works with his family, and the lively atmosphere made him feel the strong Chinese New Year flavor.

"The annual customs experience area showcases Yunnan's ethnic songs and dances, local specialties, and intangible cultural heritage products, and each booth is very attractive to me." Du Xinmatai, the Minister Counselor of the Myanmar Embassy in China, who visited Yunnan during a "trip" in the exhibition area, said that she hopes to celebrate the Water Splashing Festival in Yunnan this year and experience "a kind of life called Yunnan" firsthand.

Du Xinmatai visited Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture for inspection and exchange in 2022. In her opinion, Yunnan and Myanmar are geographically similar, closely related, and culturally connected. At today's event, I personally felt the atmosphere. At the "There is a Beautiful Place - Dehong" booth, Du Xinmatai held a shawl with rhinoceros elements and couldn't put it down. She carefully identified each species of rhinoceros, including the two horned hornbill, the crested hornbill, the white throated hornbill, and the brown necked hornbill. "There are also rhinoceroses in Myanmar, and our people especially cherish them," said Du Xinmatai.

"This is my first time 'visiting Yunnan', and Yunnan's cuisine, scenery, and ethnic culture deeply attract me. In the future, I must go to Yunnan and experience it firsthand." At the event, I tasted the sweet and crispy water cakes of Lijiang, the silky Pu'er Menglian avocado, the fragrant and delicious Honghe Shiping tofu, and a cup of red and bright colored Lincang Dianhong tea, The First Secretary of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in China, USD, speaks highly of Yunnan. In her mind, the impression of Yunnan became concrete due to its rich and diverse deliciousness.

Jin Dawang, the Education and Culture Counselor of the Laotian Embassy in China who also participated in the experiential activity, said that he tasted the taste of Yunnan in his memory. Jin Dawang once studied in Yunnan and experienced traditional festivals of various ethnic groups in China, such as the Spring Festival, Dai Water Splashing Festival, and Yao King Pan Festival. Jin Dawang believes that "there is a kind of life called Yunnan" which is a colorful ethnic style. "The Dai, Zhuang, Yao, and Hani ethnic groups in Yunnan and some ethnic minorities in Laos not only share the same language, but also have similarities in their folk customs. This event also invited Laotian students studying abroad in Beijing to participate, giving them the opportunity to experience Yunnan's customs and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture."

Hand in hand to tell the story of the Lancang Mekong River

The six countries of the Lancang Mekong River share the same river, and their destinies are closely linked. The mutual affinity, communication, and integration of cultures have laid a solid foundation for cooperation among the six countries. In the past year, more frequent exchanges and interactions between the six countries of the Lancang Mekong have brought the hearts of the people of the six countries closer and closer. China Cambodia, China Laos, China Myanmar, China Thailand, and China Vietnam have successively announced the joint construction of a bilateral community with a shared future, jointly promoting the deepening and implementation of the Lancang Mekong cooperation. Standing at a new starting point, the attending guests look forward to continuing to write a new chapter in the Lancang Mekong cooperation.

"The Community of Shared Future of Lancang Mekong Countries" is a high-frequency term mentioned by Du Xinmatai during the event. Today's event has further strengthened cultural exchanges among the six countries of the Lancang Mekong region. Du Xinmatai hopes to work together with all parties to promote the construction of a community with a shared future for Lancang Mekong countries and create a better future for regional cooperation.

Jin Dawang stated that the opening of the Laos China Railway has made travel more convenient for the people of both countries, and the number of Laotian tourists visiting China is also increasing. 2024 is the Year of Tourism in Laos, and the Laotian government has planned many activities to attract more tourists to experience the ethnic customs in Laos. In the future, the tourism momentum between the two sides will continue to improve. With the opening and operation of Cambodia's Siem Reap Angkor International Airport, the connection between China and Cambodia will become closer. "Siem Reap Angkor International Airport is very important for Cambodia, as it is of great significance in increasing employment and promoting the development of Cambodia's tourism industry. In the future, it will continue to play a positive role in driving the development of Siem Reap and surrounding areas." Speaking of cooperation between Cambodia and Yunnan, the US dollar believes that cultural exchanges and personnel exchanges between the two sides are becoming increasingly close. It will take the opportunity of the 2024 "Cambodia China Cultural Exchange Year" to strengthen humanities, education, tourism Cooperation in agriculture and other areas. Editor/Zhao E


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