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China Road and Bridge won the bid for Senegal highway project
Seetao 2024-02-18 15:50
  • The Endende to Gaioule section is an important part of the Dakar to Saint Louis highway, with a total length of 30 km
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Recently, China Road and Bridge has once again written a brilliant chapter in the African continent, with its Senegalese subsidiary winning the bid for the Dakar to Saint Louis Highway Ndandey to Gaioule section project. This major bid not only consolidated the leading position of China Road and Bridge in the field of infrastructure construction in Africa, but also further demonstrated the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in overseas markets.

The Ndande to Gueoule section is an important part of the Dakar to Saint Louis highway, located in the Luga region of Senegal, with a total length of 30 km. The section will have a standard cross-sectional design, a two-way four-lane road, and is expected to be completed in 24 months. The implementation of this project will greatly improve the efficiency of transportation between major cities on the northern coast of Senegal and have a profound impact on local economic and social development.

The Dakar to Saint Louis highway, a priority project under the Revitalization of Senegal Plan, is a key link between West Africa and the Arab Maghreb region of the African continent. The construction of the project will not only help strengthen the close ties between Senegal and Mauritania and North Africa, but also promote economic and trade exchanges within Africa and bring unprecedented development opportunities for Senegal.

It is worth mentioning that the successful bid of this project is not only a reflection of China's road and bridge technology and management level, but also a vivid portrayal of China-Africa friendly cooperation. Over the years, Chinese enterprises have made great contributions in the field of infrastructure construction in Africa, injecting strong impetus into the development of the continent. The winning bid of China Road and Bridge will undoubtedly add a new chapter to China-Africa cooperation and contribute Chinese wisdom and strength to the prosperity and stability of Africa.

Looking forward to the future, with the gradual completion of the Dakar to St. Louis highway, the transportation network of Senegal and even the whole Africa will be more perfect, and the economic and social development will usher in a new climax. We hope that the China Road and Bridge will write more glorious chapters on the land of Africa and add another significant brush to China-Africa friendship and cooperation. Editor/Xu Shengpeng


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