First voyage from Xi'an to Samarkand today
Seetao 2024-06-17 11:28
  • This project will promote economic and trade exchanges between Shaanxi Province and Central Asian countries
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On the morning of June 16th, Xi'an Airport Company and Long Dragon Airlines held their maiden flight ceremony at Terminal T3 of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport. At the inaugural ceremony, Shaanxi Vice Governor Wang Haipeng and other provincial and municipal leaders, as well as representatives from the embassies of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in China and the Secretariat of the China Central Asia Mechanism, witnessed this exciting moment together.

Samarkand is the second largest city in Uzbekistan, a famous ancient city and tourism and cultural center in Central Asia. It is an important hub city on the Silk Road and echoes Xi'an, the ancient capital of China with a long history.

The newly opened flight number from Xi'an to Samarkand is GJ8937. It departs from Xi'an every Wednesday and Sunday, departing at 9:40 Beijing time and arriving in Samarkand at 12:35 local time; The return flight number is GJ8938, departing from Samarkand at 13:35 local time and arriving in Xi'an at 21:20 Beijing time. The smooth opening of this route will further consolidate the advantage of Xi'an International Aviation Hub in opening to the west, enhance the economic and trade exchanges between our province and countries in Central Asia, strongly support the construction of Xi'an International Aviation Hub and airport based national logistics hub, and provide important assistance for our province to smooth the the Belt and Road international trade channel.

At the inaugural ceremony, Uzbekistan's Counselor and Consul General Yahyayev Babil delivered a speech stating that the opening of the Xi'an Samarkand route will further promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Ukraine in areas such as economy, trade, culture, and tourism, and build a new bridge of friendship for the two peoples.

According to its introduction, the number of foreign tourists traveling to Uzbekistan has tripled since 2017. Uzbekistan received nearly 7 million tourists last year, and plans to receive 10 million tourists this year. To promote the development of the tourism industry, Uzbekistan has simplified the visa system for foreign citizens, providing comfortable and convenient conditions for foreign tourists to travel in Uzbekistan. As of now, visa free entry services have been provided to 93 countries, and electronic visa services have been provided to 57 countries.

It is reported that Chinese citizens can enter Uzbekistan without a visa for 10 days, Chinese citizens aged 55 and above can enter Uzbekistan without a visa for 30 days, and children under 16 can enter Uzbekistan without a visa for 90 days. At present, there are 18 direct flights between Uzbekistan and China per week, and in the near future, plans are made to increase the number of flights to 100 per week.

Previously, Xi'an had achieved full coverage of navigation to five Central Asian countries and six cities, and Xi'an to Samarkand was the seventh Central Asian route. Keywords: overseas engineering, international engineering construction, foreign engineering construction news.

It is also reported that the "Xi'an Almaty" route, which was restarted on the same day, is the first Central Asian route operated by Northwest Cargo Airlines after its capacity was adjusted to Xi'an. Initially, it was planned to operate one flight per week, and later it will be gradually increased according to market demand. (This article is from the official website of Jiandao: www.seetao. com. Reproduction without permission is not allowed, otherwise it will be punished. Please indicate Jiandao's website and the original link when reprinting.) Jiandao's mechanical column editor/Zhou Yingwen


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