China-africa green energy cooperation is deepening and making solid progress
Seetao 2024-03-29 15:53
  • China-africa green energy cooperation has made remarkable progress in recent years, showing a trend of deepening and solid progress
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Cape Town, South Africa's legislative capital, recently successfully hosted the 16th African Energy Congress, which aims to explore sustainable solutions for Africa's energy transition. In recent years, China and African countries have continued to deepen cooperation in the field of green energy, jointly utilizing their respective advantageous resources, and gradually building a new model of win-win green energy cooperation.

Good momentum

In recent years, China and African countries have continued to strengthen cooperation in green energy, mainly focusing on two major directions: clean energy industries, such as wind power and photovoltaic; And power infrastructure. These cooperation not only strongly promoted Africa's green transformation process, but also injected new impetus into its sustainable development, and achieved a series of remarkable cooperation results.

According to relevant reports, China has successfully implemented hundreds of clean energy power generation and grid projects in Africa, many of which have become landmark projects in local clean energy development, such as the Dea wind power station in South Africa, the Garissa photovoltaic power station in Kenya and the Nabaronghe River II hydropower station in Rwanda. In addition, Chinese enterprises have actively provided consulting services to African regional organizations, governments and enterprises, committed to carrying out research on energy, power and industrial park development planning, and trained a large number of local professionals in related fields, effectively enhancing the basic capacity of African countries to develop clean energy.

Win-win cooperation

In the context of global energy structure transformation, China-Africa green energy cooperation can effectively promote win-win cooperation between the two sides.

In the field of electricity, Africa has unique advantages in natural resources, including abundant hydropower, solar, wind and photovoltaic resources. In particular, the Sahara Desert, with its geographical location close to the equator, provides unparalleled natural conditions for photovoltaic power generation; At the same time, Africa's long coastline also provides a huge resource potential for offshore wind power. However, due to challenges such as weak infrastructure and shortage of skilled personnel, these rich natural resources are currently not fully exploited, and the distribution of resources in countries is also uneven.

Yang Baorong, director of the Economic Research Department and researcher of the Institute of West Asian and African Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that China has the advantages of green energy production and technology, and Africa's natural environmental endowment is complementary, and the two sides can promote each other's green energy development through cooperation. Editor/Wang Tian


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