China is helping to modernize Dominica's agriculture
Seetao 2024-04-02 14:43
  • This mode of cooperation not only promotes the development of agriculture in Dominica, but also improves the living standards of farmers
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"On the edge of that small farm, there are hundreds of acres of dense mountain forest, where pests and diseases have never been affected by any human intervention." Recalling nearly 20 years ago, when Sun Haojie, a Chinese agricultural expert, first arrived in Dominica, he seemed to travel back to the distant "slash-and-burn" era.

Today, the "multi-modern Agriculture Center" base covering an area of nearly 30 acres has been fruitful, and has successfully introduced dozens of new varieties of cash crops such as colored pepper, cantaloupe, and dragon fruit. The hard work of the Chinese agricultural expert team has achieved remarkable results, and a number of technical achievements have been awarded the "Certification of Proprietary innovative technical achievements" by the Ministry of Agriculture of Dominica. With their strong support, the modernization of agriculture in Dominica is constantly showing new vitality and vitality.

At the beginning of 2024, Dominica's Prime Minister Skerrit personally planted a row of soilless vegetable seedlings in a newly introduced demonstration hydroponic system. After learning that the hydroponic system can regularly and steadily provide nutrients to crops, he was deeply touched. "This system is convenient and clean," he said, "it completely changes the traditional perception of young people that agriculture is dirty and tired, and injects new vitality and hope into agriculture."

The Dominica government awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Trophy to Agricultural Modernization and sustainable Development" to the project team, and President Burton of Dominica personally awarded Sun Haojie, the group leader, the highest national honor "National Medal of Outstanding Contribution". As Dominica's Prime Minister Skerrit said, the China-Dominica agricultural technical cooperation project "plays a key role in the modernization of Dominica's agriculture."

Dominica is located northeast of the windward Islands in the eastern Caribbean Sea and is an island nation with a population of less than 100,000. 

Over the years, despite the test of many major natural disasters, agricultural experts of the two countries overcame difficulties, continued exploration, scientific planning, and steady progress, and successfully established the "China-Doldola Modern Agriculture Center".

The tropical climate is high temperature and high humidity, the volcanic island is less flat, and the forest is dense and difficult to prevent diseases and pests... Analysis by Chinese experts found that although agriculture is Dominica's pillar industry, there is relatively little cultivation of refined vegetables and fruits, and agricultural products are dominated by bananas and have a single structure. The most direct manifestation of these problems in daily life is the high price of vegetables. The color pepper was once expensive to more than 50 East Caribbean yuan (about 140 yuan) per kilogram, and the price of white radish per kilogram exceeded 23 East Caribbean yuan (about 60 yuan).

In response to these problems, the China AiDO Agricultural Group took the lead in introducing new varieties that were easy to grow, such as cabbage and tomatoes, and gradually promoted the cultivation of high value-added crops such as colored pepper, cantaloupe and dragon fruit. Local production has not only increased the choice and income of farmers, successfully reduced the price of vegetables and fruits, but also ensured the stability of supply, allowing Dominicans to eat a wealth of high-quality local fruits and vegetables.

At present, the "Sino-Multi Modern Agriculture Center" has developed into the largest local seedling breeding base and technical exchange platform. The center produces hundreds of thousands of high-quality seedlings every year, and attracts more than 1,000 local farmers and students to visit and exchange. The Center not only provides free technical training, seed donation and agricultural machinery application services, but also actively helps Dominica improve its agricultural technology level, contributing China's wisdom and strength to local agricultural development. Editor/Wang Tian


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