Energy storage
Construction of Dongfang Special Steel Energy Storage Power Station Started
Seetao 2024-06-11 11:34
  • Keda Intelligent Tailored Self-developed String Energy Storage for Dongfang Special Steel
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Recently, Keda Intelligent and Changzhou Youchu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. jointly built a 30.09MW/60.18MWh energy storage power station project for Changzhou Dongfang Special Steel Co., Ltd., and held a grand opening ceremony in the Dongfang Special Steel Park. The total investment of the project exceeds 70 million yuan, marking a solid step forward in the cooperation between the two parties in the field of green transformation of high-energy-consuming industries.

The core technology of the energy storage power station adopts domestically advanced and highly safe lithium iron phosphate batteries to ensure the stable operation and long-term benefits of the power station. As a world-leading energy storage system solution integrator, Keda Intelligent, relying on its deep accumulation in the power grid field and energy storage industry, combined with the electricity demand and industry characteristics of Dongfang Special Steel, has tailored a self-developed string energy storage solution. This solution brings extremely high flexibility and scalability to the power station, not only achieving a breakthrough in technology, but also providing strong support for promoting the transformation of the entire energy storage industry towards digitalization, efficiency and safety.

The uniqueness of the string energy storage architecture is that it realizes one cluster one management, and each battery cluster is precisely managed by an independent PCS, BMS, and controller. This refined management method can flexibly adjust the battery side voltage according to the internal resistance of each cluster, effectively avoiding the battery capacity loss caused by the difference in internal resistance of the battery cluster, so as to achieve full charging and discharging of each cluster. This innovative strategy not only maximizes the system efficiency, but also improves the overall online rate of the system by optimizing the strategy of independent control of charging and discharging. It is expected to significantly reduce the high electricity purchase cost of enterprises every year, and achieve the dual value of cost reduction and carbon reduction.

The application of energy storage system not only helps to alleviate the power supply pressure of the power grid, but also can participate in the dispatch response as an electric energy reservoir during the peak of power demand, and can be used as an emergency power supply in an emergency. This function greatly reduces the risk of power outages during peak power consumption, and effectively ensures the reliability of the company's power consumption and production.

Against the background of carbon neutrality and carbon peak, Dongfang Special Steel is committed to achieving the goal of green steel mills and actively building a green industrial system for the entire industrial chain. Keda Intelligence is committed to building an energy system that combines multi-energy complementarity with energy storage. The cooperation between the two parties this time is not only a coincidence of vision, but also takes green development as an important engine to promote the high-quality development of enterprises, and takes solid steps for the clean transformation and development of high-energy-consuming industries.

The construction of this energy storage power station project is a concrete practice for both parties to optimize resource allocation and improve energy utilization efficiency. Through this project, Keda Intelligent will continue to play its technological advantages in the field of energy storage, provide more companies with efficient, safe and reliable energy storage solutions, and jointly promote the development and application of green energy.Editor/Cheng Liting


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