Shantui helps build a strong ecological barrier in the three northern regions
Seetao 2024-06-11 15:06
  • Shantui bulldozers have excellent performance and play a key role in preventing and controlling sand in the Three Norths
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On June 5, 2024, CCTV News Network broadcast a special news titled "Decisive Battle in the Three Norths to Build a Strong Ecological Security Barrier in the North". The news mentioned that after General Secretary Xi Jinping issued a mobilization order a year ago to fight the "Three Norths" project and strive to create a new miracle in China's sand control and sand fixation in the new era, various departments have adapted to local conditions and overcome difficulties, and have achieved initial results so far. In this battle related to national ecological security, Shantui bulldozers have become the main force in this battle with their excellent performance and adaptability.

Shantui's desert version bulldozers built for desert environments are not only blessed with the "golden core" of Weichai Power + Linde Hydraulics, but also customized track shoes, cooling systems and dust prevention equipment for special desert working conditions. With powerful power, stable performance, ultra-low fuel consumption and extremely high operating efficiency, they have played a key role in the sand control and sand fixation work in the "Three Norths" region.

Hundreds of Shantui bulldozers traveled through the desert Gobi. The originally undulating sand dunes became flat as the "iron army" passed by, providing a strong guarantee for the subsequent afforestation work, and also providing solid "steel armor" support for the construction of a solid "Three Norths" shelterbelt, demonstrating Shantui's "heavy weapon" responsibility to assist the country's desert governance cause!

So far, the "Three Norths" project has achieved remarkable results, with a total of 480 million mu of afforestation and conservation area completed, 500 million mu of desertified land treated, a significant increase in forest coverage, and a "double reduction" in desertification and land sandification. The harm of wind and sand and soil erosion have been effectively suppressed.

Looking to the future, Shantui will also actively respond to the country's call for "green manufacturing", pursue "new" and "quality", continue to increase investment in scientific research, and deepen technological innovation, comprehensively promote high-end digital innovation and green dual-carbon development in the industry, and provide more advanced and efficient equipment and technical support for major national strategic deployments such as the "Three Norths" project. Contribute to protecting the green home and realizing the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.Editor/Zhang Liyuan


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