Jordan expects China to increase investment in various fields in Jordan
Seetao 2024-03-20 16:12
  • The trade cooperation between China and Jordan has broad prospects and great potential
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On March 18, 2024,Khalil Haji Tawfik, chairman of the Jordanian Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview with reporters in Amman, the capital of Jordan, that China is an important trading partner of Jordan, which reflects the solid relations between the two countries and the importance of China to the Jordanian economy, and he expects China to continue to increase investment in various fields in Jordan.

Tawfik told reporters that bilateral relations between China and Jordan are at their best. China is not only a major source of imports for Jordan, but also plays an important role in supporting the Jordanian economy.

In 2015, China-Jordan relations were upgraded to a strategic partnership and bilateral economic and trade cooperation further expanded. In recent years, China's main investment directions in Jordan are energy, infrastructure construction, manufacturing and so on.

Tawfik said that Jordanian private enterprises play an important role in bilateral trade, hoping that the Jordanian Chamber of Commerce and Chinese partners will strengthen ties on future bilateral economic and trade cooperation and jointly explore trade and investment opportunities in transportation, agriculture, services and other fields.

When talking about jointly building the Belt and Road, Tawfik said that the Belt and Road Initiative is committed to infrastructure connectivity, which will help strengthen trade exchanges. He believes that China can build cooperative relations with other countries, and many countries need China. He stressed that in today's world, no one can separate China from other economies.

Tawfik expressed optimism about China's projected growth target of around 5 percent this year. He believes that China has a strong economy, a vast market, and excellent performance in innovation, leadership and technological capabilities. Based on these factors, he is confident that China can achieve this growth target. Editor/Wang Tian


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