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Track laying of Zhengzhou International Land Port dedicated railway completed
Seetao 2024-06-18 15:55
  • The first phase of the project is 23.97 kilometers long with an investment of 4.49 billion yuan
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The dedicated line is a provincial key project, with a total length of 23.97 kilometers in the first phase and an investment of 4.49 billion yuan

At 10:10 on June 16, 2024, at the construction site of Liuhe Frame Middle Bridge in the southern part of Zhengzhou Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, with the successful laying of the last pair of 25-meter-long steel rails, the track laying task of the entire dedicated line was completed on schedule.

It is understood that the dedicated line is a provincial key project, with a total length of 23.97 kilometers in the first phase and an investment of 4.49 billion yuan. It is currently the only railway channel for Zhengzhou International Land Port to the outside world, and it is also a strategic and controlling project to realize the basic functions of Zhengzhou International Land Port.

"This is the result of the workers' all-out efforts for a month!" said Wei Gaobin, Party Secretary of Zhengzhou International Land Port Special Railway Project of China Railway Seventh Bureau, the project construction party. Since the track laying of the entire line, every "rush worker" has been firmly on schedule. The high temperature during the day in summer is not conducive to construction, so they work late at night to make up for the work, and ensure the construction period with the enthusiasm of "one person's ten", which is ten times the work of others.

According to reports, the project department planned in advance according to the construction period requirements, formulated multiple sets of construction plans for research; reasonably coordinated resources, and reasonably deployed personnel and machinery while ensuring on-site construction; strengthened safety and quality control, assigned responsibilities to people, and pressed the "accelerator" for the smooth opening of the entire line.

Wei Gaobin told reporters that the Zhengzhou International Land Port Special Railway Project Department of China Railway Seventh Bureau was responsible for the construction of 18.8 kilometers of track laying for the dedicated line section main line and station line, and began laying tracks on May 13. The dedicated line connects Longhai in the east and Beijing-Guangzhou in the west. As an important gateway channel of Zhengzhou International Land Port, after the whole line is connected, it can ensure the smooth operation of China-Europe Express. It is an important guarantee project to achieve the development goal of "10,000 trains and 10 million tons" of China-Europe Express.

It is reported that the completion of track laying has laid a solid foundation for the project to be fully completed and ready for traffic. In the future, track fine-tuning processes such as track laying, track shifting, and tamping will also be carried out.Editor/Zhao E


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